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Unlock Peak Performance

Online Personal and Business Courses

Learn the strategies you need to maximize your time, focus, discipline, and energy to accomplish what matters most.

There’s no doubt you’re where you are today because you’ve put in hard work. But did you work efficiently? Have you achieved everything you wanted? Did you sacrifice something important — your family, health, passion — in the process? 

If you hunger for “more” from life and still have a mission to fulfill, we get it. That’s why we’ve created a series of courses based on the key qualities successful people have in common. The tactics are straightforward, easy to implement, and proven to drive results. 

Online Courses and Classes for Leaders, Businesses, and Teams

There’s seemingly an infinite number of online personal and professional development courses to choose from. In our courses, we focus on helping you perform high-impact action items that set you on a clear path to achieve your goals. Choose from: 

  • Master Plan for Peak Performance – Hedge Funds: 10 easy steps hedge fund leaders can take to create a master plan for success across investment and operations.
  • Goal Setting and Prioritization: Unlock the secrets to comprehensive goal setting and determine where to focus your effort to create effective plans.
  • Time Optimization: Time management is more of a skill than an innate talent. Learn how to spend your time wisely to maximize your efficiency.

In-Depth, Personal Development and Business Development Courses

We’ve whittled down three decades of career and health coaching into these select topics. Browse any of our personal and business development courses below. While each course will help you produce great results, taking them together will allow you to optimize every area of your life at once.  

Goals Course Teachable 1

Goal Setting for Hedge Funds Course

10 Easy Steps for Creating a Master Plan for Success

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Rich Bello$199

Goals Course Teachable 1

Advanced Goal Setting Course

How to Achieve Meaningful Success

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Rich Bello$199

Time Op Course pic

Time Optimization Course

How to Maximize the Return on Time Investment

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Rich Bello$199

Your Instructor

Rich Bello, Founder/CEO of Arootah and Co-Founder/COO of Blue Ridge Capital

Rich Bello is an industry-leading hedge fund executive and Wall Street coach with more than 25 years of experience training and mentoring individuals and teams in the financial sector. As a career consultant, he has observed which attitudes and behaviors help high-achieving professionals deliver incredible business results. 

But Rich has also noticed that many successful business leaders experience limited personal fulfillment. That’s why he founded Arootah, an executing coaching and business advisory firm at the intersection of finance, technology, and wellness, that helps exceptional people accomplish exceptional business, professional, and personal goals for a more rewarding life. 


This seminar was super helpful. I really enjoyed tackling each aspect of my life. I realized that I tend to neglect certain areas — especially when work priorities or putting out fires take over. Family is important to me, but I tend to lose focus on how much time and effort I spend in the other categories. arootah

– Founder, Chief Investment Officer, and Managing Partner of a Hedge Fund