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Are You Prepared for a Crisis?

Unforeseen crises can strike at any time. Whether it’s a data breach, regulatory compliance issue, or other critical incident, being unprepared can have severe consequences.

Ensure your firm is safeguarded with our comprehensive crisis management services—specifically for the alternative investment industry.

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Evaluate Your Resilience in 10 Critical Areas

Begin your free Crisis Management Assessment. This comprehensive evaluation will cover 10 key areas of potential crises, guiding you to reinforce your firm’s current resilience and readiness.

Take the Free Crisis Management Assessment

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Your Free Crisis Management Assessment Includes

Crisis Assessment Review

We’ll review your current crisis management strategies and highlight areas for improvement

Tabletop Exercises

Together we will walk you through potential pitfalls, and design an event, training your resiliency skills

Schedule Your Free Call Today

Take the proactive step of securing your organization’s future.

Discover tailored strategies to enhance your contingency plans and crisis response. During this in-depth assessment review, we’ll go over the results, pinpoint areas for improvement, and provide actionable steps to enhance your firm’s resiliency. 

Fully Sufficient 

Rich Bello has 30 years of experience, notably as the Co-founder of Blue Ridge Capital, a hedge fund with $10 billion in AUM at its peak.

He co-founded the Fund-of-Funds Blue Ridge Partners, has experience at Julian Robertson’s Tiger Management, and has engagements with the leaders of the Tiger Cubs.

Additionally, Rich speaks to some of the world’s largest financial institutions, including Citibank, UBS, and JPMorgan Chase.

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“Your Limited Partners always come first.”
– Rich Bello

Reinforce Your Firm

Explore Rich Bello’s team of coaches and advisors are from some of the world’s most prestigious firms. Replicate this success for your firm.

Sign up for a complimentary, no-obligation advisory call. Gain insights and chart your path to success.

Crises book

Download Your Copy – Free

Access our comprehensive guide on regulatory best practices and crisis management.

The Crisis Management Principles is your go-to resource for mastering the art of contingency planning. Whether a sudden change in market performance or the departure of a key team member, this book equips you with the strategies and necessary tools to safeguard your investments and ensure operational resilience.

Take a Peek at What’s Inside

Contingency Situations

Explore business issues such as crucial man or team departures, partner disputes, firm closures, and poor performance. Learn how to address these challenges by developing succession plans, retention strategies, and mediation techniques.

Stakeholder Communications

Understand the importance of identifying key stakeholders, including investors, regulators, employees, and the media. Develop effective communication plans to ensure transparency and trust during crises.

Mock Exercises

Discover the benefits of tabletop exercises in identifying gaps in contingency plans and improving coordination and decision-making. Learn how to design and conduct practical mock exercises to enhance your firm’s crisis preparedness.

Plan Components

Dive deep into risk assessment, business continuity strategies, and crisis management team roles. Gain insights into recovery and resumption of operations and the importance of post-event reviews and plan updates.

Privilege Issues

Examine the nuances of client-attorney privilege in crisis contexts, maintaining confidentiality, and navigating legal obligations. Review case studies that illustrate the complexities and best practices for preserving privilege.

Media Management

Learn how to manage social media and traditional media during a crisis. Develop strategies for responding rapidly, controlling the narrative, and engaging with key influencers and stakeholders.

Stakeholder Common Pitfalls

Identify common pitfalls in crisis management and learn strategies to avoid them. Analyze lessons from past crises to develop best practices and build a culture of preparedness and awareness.

Business Issues

Take a closer look at specific business issues like key man departures and partner disputes. Understand the impact of these challenges and develop strategies for mitigation and effective resolution.

Poor Performance

Analyze factors contributing to poor performance and explore strategies for mitigating performance-related crises. Learn from real-world recovery stories to enhance your firm’s resilience.

Regulatory Investigations

Prepare for regulatory scrutiny with comprehensive compliance checklists, thorough documentation, and regular mock audits. Understand the importance of proactive compliance management and continuous improvement.

Why choose to work with Arootah on Crisis Management?

Senior-Level Advisors
Unlike other firms that offer coaching, our senior-level advisors dive deep into your documentation to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Periodic Reviews
Regular assessments are crucial. We recommend conducting these annually to stay ahead of potential risks.

Cybersecurity Focus
Be prepared for cyber threats with thorough due diligence on your crisis management protocols.

Regulatory Compliance
Understand what can go wrong and how to address it with best practices outlined in our book.

Professional Insights
Sit down with our senior advisors to run through disaster recovery scenarios and identify your blind spots.

Due Diligence
We are the due diligence experts with experience evaluating crisis readiness

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Don’t be an Ostrich!

Ostriches bury their heads in the sand to avoid danger. When a crisis comes, will you problem-solve, or will you avoid it?

Sign up for a complimentary, no-obligation advisory call. Gain insights and chart your path to success.

What Happens When There’s a Data Breach?

Data breaches pose significant risks, and it’s your responsibility to protect your Limited Partners (LPs) and team. Our experts will help you navigate these risks and ensure you’re prepared for any eventuality.

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