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Fireside Chat

With Blue Ridge Capital Co-Founder

Rich Bello

Building a Successful Hedge Fund

Investment process of successful Tiger investment firms;
How to transition from research analysts to portfolio managers

Rich is the founder of Arootah, a company dedicated to providing Personal, Professional and Business Development solutions. Prior to founding Arootah, Rich was the co-founder and COO of Blue Ridge Capital, a highly successful “Tiger Cub” hedge fund that he helped scale to $10 billion in AUM. Before that, Rich also spent three years at Tiger Management as the Director of Finance and Performance.

In this session, you received an insider’s perspective on building a successful hedge fund business, creating a strong investment research process, and advice on how to transition to greater roles.

We are pleased to provide opportunities to continue learning and applying the knowledge within the hedge fund industry.

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Rich Bello is an executive coach and business consultant who can help you, your team, and your company achieve outstanding results, overcome career obstacles, attain maximum effectiveness and develop the skills needed to achieve sustainable success. Rich is unparalleled in his depth of experience and expertise in the Hedge Fund industry. You can apply his strategies and execution formula to essentially any business goal or challenge that you have. I have attended many of Rich’s seminars, in addition to being coached by him for many years. He has also consulted me on both of my businesses and my career.

Co-President of the Columbia University Real Estate Association
MBA Student at Columbia Business School
CEO and Founder of Dwelling

Rich is a well-respected authority in the Hedge Fund Industry. I have attended his seminars on Leadership, Accountability, Time Management, and all have immensely helped me in my career and personal goals. Rich is a masterful executive coach and an experienced CEO. He utilizes his experience to help many C Suite Executives.

MBA Student at Columbia Business School Partner Lead at Google

Executive Coaching

With continual changes in consumer behavior, technology, public health priorities, and governmental developments, as a top executive or business leader, it is critical that you remain one step ahead. We ignite you to achieve you highest goals.

Career Coaching

Challenge yourself by setting more significant goals, crafting better plans, and being held accountable. Match your intentions with real tools and methods that you can integrate into your career.

Business Consulting

Our consultants deliver solutions and spur action rather than simply identifying problems. We build and maintain your business processes without disrupting your business identity for attainable growth.


Take the courses that are at the heart of Rich Bello’s coaching program. This might shock you but he has distilled his 25+ years of experience in the Hedge Fund industry into the knowledge contained in these courses. Take one or both, the sequence is not important. Set yourself up to lead!

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Time Optimization Course

Discover how a Hedge Fund executive manages time to reap massive results. Uncover your untapped resources and plan your time strategically. Take this course if you want to achieve more with less overwhelm.

Goal Setting Course

Learn how a Hedge Fund executive sets goals in this intensive course. Craft a personalized mission statement and analyze the gaps in your life. Resulting in goals with action-packed plans. Walk away with your formula for success.

Launching a Hedge Fund: The Front, Middle and Back Office

Learn the best practices on starting and sustaining a hedge fund. Distilled from over 25 years of experience founding and running Blue Ridge Capital along with tenure from Tiger Management and several other Tiger Cubs. All in 1 course, but this is our ultimate insider’s guide to launching a Hedge Fund.


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