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Our Environment is a resource not to be forgotten or taken for granted.

Our home and offices contain our lives in the most practical sense. It is the resource that enables comfortable conditions, 24hr light, Internet / WiFi (which is the portal to every answer out there), the books that enlighten us, and food that nourishes us. 

The goal is to design an Environment that has every resource at the tip of your fingers, and while our Environment has endless nurturing and useful features, it can fall into disarray and chaos quickly. 

Keeping a balanced Environment has a direct impact on our Mindset and Emotions. Being in an organized space leads to focused and productive behavior. There is much to be done in being Environmentally Conscious in Mindfulness. Starting with appreciation for The Earth, for providing us with such extraordinary living conditions (thus far) and realizing the delicate balance that must be present for the Earth to be able to continue to provide for us, sustainably.