Focus Strategies Master Class

Source, Select, and Propel Your Team to Success

Join us for a 10-Week series or 3-day immersion experience

Discover the art of building focused teams. Great for organizations looking to enhance their leadership and drive performance.


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Focus master class

Mastering Focus for Alternative Investment Funds

Learn techniques from industry experts to unlock your team’s full potential by mastering focus. Understand how to cultivate a focused mindset, prioritize goals, and enhance productivity.

Discover how emerging entities can scale their operations efficiently by maintaining intense focus on strategic priorities, optimizing performance, and driving growth within budget constraints.

Whether you are an emerging manager or looking to elevate your team’s focus, this is for you. Secure your spot today!

Mastering Your Focus Master Class

10-Week series or 3-day immersion Price: Focus Attendees signup for $2495.00 $1995.00

What You’ll Get

Registration includes a one-year subscription to the Habit Coach, Goal Manager, Prioritization Manager, and Project Manager tools.

Achieve clarity and consistency in your approach by mastering the art of focus.

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PLUS, a copy of The Focus Principles book ($35 Value!).

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Discover The Modules 

Module 1 Instill Mindset
Module 2 Prioritize Goals
Module 3 Intensify Focus
Module 4 Eliminating Distractions
Module 5 Enhance Cognition
Module 6 Master Neurodiversity
Module 7 Engage Creativity
Module 8 Prevent Decline
Module 9 Pause Emotions/Habits
Module 10 Enter Flow

Take the 3-Day Immersion

Day 1

Building Foundations and Strategic Clarity
Start your journey by establishing a strong foundation and gaining strategic clarity. Cultivate a growth mindset that sets the tone for continuous improvement and innovation, and learn techniques to foster a positive and resilient mindset within your team. Learn how to identify and prioritize your organizational goals and gain insights into effective goal-setting strategies that align with your company’s vision and long-term objectives. Intensify Focus, where you’ll master the art of maintaining a laser-like focus on high-impact activities to enhance concentration and productivity.

Day 2

Optimization and Performance Enhancement
Learn practical strategies to minimize workplace distractions and create an environment conducive to deep work, allowing your team to operate efficiently. You will delve into methods to boost cognitive function and mental agility, equipping your team with practices that improve problem-solving, decision-making, and overall cognitive performance. Learn how to leverage diverse cognitive abilities and perspectives to foster a more inclusive and effective team dynamic.

Day 3

Innovation and Sustained Excellence
Drive innovation and ensure sustained excellence through unleashing your team’s creative potential. Explore techniques to encourage creative thinking and innovation, enabling your organization to adapt to changing market demands. Prevent Decline, where you’ll implement strategies to maintain high productivity and engagement levels over time, ensuring your team remains resilient and effective. Develop the ability to manage emotions and break unproductive habits, gaining insights into emotional regulation and habit formation. Achieve peak performance by mastering the flow state, creating conditions that allow your team to sustain flow states, resulting in heightened productivity and job satisfaction.