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Design Your 2022 Master Plan. Your guide to achieving your highest impact personal and professional goals.

Your Master Plan will include:

Top 20 prioritized goals in the key areas of your life and career.

Get started with 2 prioritized action items per goal.

An accountability strategy to ensure that you take action.

Come with Aspirations, Leave with an Action Plan

Are you ready to tackle your 2022 goals? Do you want more progress, in less time, with minimal setbacks?

If this is your year to unlock your greatest potential, then this webinar will set you on the right path from day one.

Take this opportunity for you to work on your goals in breakout rooms with individualized attention. Learn tips and tricks from our CEO Rich Bello and our professional coaches.

We are offering our interactive Goal Setting Workbook!

The same workbook that we use with hedge funds and investment banks to coach their employees to continuously generate more results. The workbook helps you work out your goals and craft effective plans. It summarizes your highest impact actions in a handy Master Plan that you can refer to all year long!

Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.

Marianne Williamson

Take Charge of 2022

Many people fail to reach their goals year after year, so what makes successful people different? Nothing. They simply implement a strategic plan using purpose, prioritization, and accountability.

What to expect:

  • Learn about goal setting and achievement directly from hedge fund executive Rich Bello.
  • Set your own goals and discover new ways to elevate your life circumstances.
  • Enjoy an interactive experience with breakout rooms with guidance from our coaches.


I really enjoyed tackling each area of my life, as I realize that I tend to neglect some areas more than others (especially when work or putting-out- fires-type of priorities take over). As important as family is for me, I often lose focus on the time and effort spent in other areas. This seminar was super helpful.

Chief Compliance Officer, Private and Public Hedge Fund

Arootah always has a ton of valuable information that is very easy to understand and digestible for everyone: command of knowledge, ease of humor, the presentations, the pace, the usefulness of their workbooks.

VP of Operations Family Office

Arootah’s workbook is legendary, especially how it’s put together with examples, which are a great help. Sometimes it’s very hard to externalize our goals and thoughts, but this gave me a good push.

Director of Technology

Meet the Speaker: Rich Bello

Rich is a seasoned executive from the financial services sector. In addition to being the CEO of Arootah, Rich serves as the COO of Blue Ridge Capital, an industry-leading hedge fund that grew to $10 billion in assets under management at its peak.

He has held senior positions at Ernst and Young, Tiger Management, and Morgan Stanley, where he observed strategies to exceptional results, one of those strategies being actionable goal setting.

Rich speaks to some of the world’s largest financial institutions, including Citibank, UBS, and JPMorgan Chase. With Arootah, we devise pragmatic solutions that stimulate growth, motivation, peak performance, and accountability to help our clients overcome their most difficult challenges in their personal lives and at work. Learn more

Tap into decades of knowledge in this webinar.

Sneak Peek at Our Process


  • Get clear on the vision for your ideal life.
  • Create or update your Mission Statement.
  • Identify the GAP between “Where am I now?” and “Where do I want to be?”


  • Create Action Items to close the GAP.
  • Prioritize what you need to do so you can hit the ground running.
  • Use our workbook to follow a process for goal setting.


  • Use our workbook to take action and follow-through on goals.
  • Avoid Procrastination.
  • Set up your accountability for success.

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