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Health is equal to Energy. Our internal instinctual pre-programming is the Optimization of Energy. It is used for our own Survival, as well as the survival of the species, and is done subconsciously or unconsciously. 
The core purpose of the autonomic nervous system is the optimization of energy utilization for the organism. In other words, the pre-wired
programming (Habits) of our nervous system are designed to utilize the body’s energy sources in the most efficient and effective manner.

A true measure of our health is the level of energy that we have to maximize our human potential.  The healthier we are, the more energy we have. The maximization of our human potential is the ultimate source of fulfillment. Our conscious minds must recognize this, and decide which actions to take that will achieve the highest and best return on our energy resources. That “return” is fulfillment which is the ultimate level of happiness. 

Energy is necessary for us to be fulfilled and we possess the most energy when we are in our best physical, mental and spiritual shape. Being full of energy allows us to achieve our goals, and our goals are a subset of our Life’s Mission.