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Coaching and Advisory for Executives

Achieve Peak Performance

We guide ambitious leaders in the investment and financial services industries to unlock proven achievement strategies for long-lasting success.

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Insights on leveling up your business, career, and life to reach peak performance.


What You Can Learn from Tom Brady and Discipline

Tom Brady did 4 things to become the GOAT. Find out what he did here.

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4 Ways to Master Personal Accountability

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Top 10 Insider Trading Prevention Tips

Is greed the cause of most insider trading cases? No! It’s negligence.

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Increase Self-Discipline When You Work from Home

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Why Choose Arootah?

Born from the hedge fund industry, our team of seasoned coaches and advisors are uniquely positioned to guide you along your way.

Our CEO Rich Bello draws upon his insights as the co-founder and COO of the $10 billion hedge fund, Blue Ridge Capital. 

Rooted at the intersection of finance, technology, and wellness, we provide a comprehensive approach to personal, professional, and business achievement.

We’ve experienced the problems you face and we have the solutions.

Rich Bello Ceo Arootah in Business Suit

See How Investment and Financial Services Leaders Use Arootah

quotation mark I’m amazed by what I was able to accomplish in one night! I enjoyed both the philosophy behind the topics as well as the practical breakout room workshops proctored by his coaches.quotation mark

Maria D.
Chief Operating Officer
Hedge and Private Equity Fund

quotation mark I really enjoyed and got a lot of very practical and useful information from the Master Plan workshop. I was pleasantly surprised at how Rich’s process made it so easy.quotation mark

H. Smith
Chief Financial Officer
Family Office

quotation mark Setting goals and creating plans to achieve them with Rich really inspired me to take advantage of more opportunities than I had realized.quotation mark

Peter B.
Portfolio Manager
Hedge Fund

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