Subconscious vs Conscious Mind, Cognitive Biases (Blind-Spots), Limiting vs Empowering Beliefs, Key Mindsets (Proactive, Grateful, Courageous, Crisitunity)

  • At our Mindset Seminar, we explore the question: “Why don’t we always do what is in our best interests?” We’ll see that the key is in the programming of our Subconscious Mind and that our environment has changed faster than our internal programming.
  • We will discuss the differences between the Subconscious and Conscious Minds.
  • Explore the immense untapped power that the Subconscious mind possesses that can be utilized by the Conscious Mind to maximize our potential.
  • The dangers of allowing the Subconscious Mind to be in control of our actions and the enormous benefits that occur when the Conscious Mind takes the reigns (i.e. Mindfulness) and overrides programs that do not serve us.
  • Whether there is evidence of a Universal Mind or Consciousness.
  • The various types of programs that the Subconscious Mind employs to control our actions such as Cognitive Biases, Beliefs, Mindsets, and Habits.
    • Cognitive Biases (a.k.a. Blindspots) can cause us to make erroneous judgements that are irrational and cause us or others harm. We will identify the various biases and then discuss how to identify our own biases by putting a powerful light on them … understanding that awareness is the first step in eradicating them so that we can make rational decisions based on facts.
    • We have all acquired erroneous beliefs that are not in our best interests because they limit us. Let’s master the steps to transform those limiting beliefs into beliefs that empower us.
    • We have identified more than 30 Mindsets! How to program your mind to consistently to seek out the positive side of the mindset.
      • Proactive vs Reactive
      • Courage vs Fear
      • Gratitude vs Ungrateful
      • Forgiveness vs Grudge
      • Crisitunity vs Crisis

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