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Decide with Precision & Logic

Take the Next Step

Thank you for attending our decision-making workshop! We hope that you found the workshop insightful and that you gained some new perspectives on how to make more informed, effective decisions in your life, career, and business.

But don’t stop there…

Decision making is a continuous journey. Apply what you’ve learned and take the next step with your FREE results coaching call.

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Receive Free Admission for the Next Event

Like most high achievers, we’re consistently looking for ways to improve our performance. We’d love three minutes of your time (and your honest opinion) to help us do just that. As a thank you, you’ll be eligible for free attendance to our next workshop. 

Interested in the Pilot Program?

Arootah’s new Decision Manager app leverages pre-defined criteria to generate optimal decisions while eliminating cognitive bias from the process. While the application supports limitless use cases and types of decisions, it is especially valuable for decisions surrounding fund management & allocation. 

We are kicking off our app release with a beta group of professionals & executive level decision-makers. The pilot program will provide users a unique opportunity to explore the capabilities of the Decision Manager application at an enterprise level, designed to be leveraged with our advisory. 

  • Make unlimited decisions
  • Make more informed choices to achieve better outcomes
  • Arrive at decisions with conviction

For Individuals

Unlock your full decision-making potential with 1:1 coaching. Our expert coaches will empower you to:

  • Gain clarity on your goals and values to make decisions that align with your vision for success
  • Learn new strategies and techniques to reduce biases and eliminate decision fatigue
  • Stay accountable to help you stay on track and achieve your objectives

With our coaching services, you’ll also receive access to our suite of tools, including the Decision Manager app to help you make clear, confident choices based on logic and objectivity.

Arootah Coaching Services:

For Businesses

Elevate your organization’s decision-making process with our business advisory services. Our experienced advisors will guide you to:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive decision-making framework
  • Identify and mitigate potential risks in your decision-making process
  • Enhance your overall business performance through objective, data-driven decision making 

With our Business Advisory services, you’ll also receive access to our suite of tools, including the Decision Manager app to reduce biases and distinguish between conscious and unconscious decisions so that you can arrive at well-informed decisions with conviction.

Arootah Business Advisory:

The Decision Principles: Conquering DecisionMaking Obstacles in Life and Business

Are you tired of struggling with decision making? Do you wish you had a clear framework that empowered you to make the best possible decisions? Look no further than The Decision Principles.

Get your free copy today:

Arootah decison thankyou

arootah The quality of your life, your career, and your business is directly correlated to the quality of your decision-making process. arootah

– Rich Bello, Arootah CEO and Founder

Arootah Coaching Services

Create a life aligned with your highest priorities. An Arootah Coach will motivate you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

  1. Live Arootah Immersion Workshop
  2. Three 60-minute Coaching Sessions per Month
  3. Access to Arootah’s suite of tools and technology  

Executive Coaching

Proactively achieve new levels of success. Arootah Executive Coaching empowers leaders to harness opportunities, overcome institutional and individual challenges, and lead others with a strategic roadmap.

Career Coaching

Whether you’re transitioning roles, working towards a promotion, or looking to achieve a new level of success in business, Arootah Career Coaching can support you in landing your dream role or building it.

Life Coaching

Arootah Life Coaching supports you in creating a life aligned with your highest priorities. Gain clarity around your most meaningful goals, develop a strategy to achieve them, and leverage accountability to maximize your success.

Health Coaching

Arootah Health Coaching provides you with the support you need to develop impactful habits and reclaim control over your well-being, energy, and health. The result: total transformation, from the inside out.

Elite Monthly

$ 2,250/month*

Elite Annual

$ 2,025/month*

Fundamental Monthly

$ 1,500/month*

Fundamental Annual

$ 1,350/month*

*three 60-minute coaching sessions per month

Elite Monthly

$ 1,650/month*

Elite Annual

$ 1485/month*

Fundamental Monthly

$ 825/month*

Fundamental Annual

$ 743/month*

*three 60-minute coaching sessions per month

Elite Monthly

$ 1,350/month*

Elite Annual

$ 1,215/month*

Fundamental Monthly

$ 675/month*

Fundamental Annual

$ 608/month*

*three 60-minute coaching sessions per month

Elite Monthly

$ 600/month*

Elite Annual

$ 540/month*

Fundamental Monthly

$ 450/month*

Fundamental Annual

$ 405/month*

*three 60-minute coaching sessions per month