Optimize Your Time and Achieve Your Highest Priorities


Reach your goals quickly like a hedge fund executive. The time to start is now.

So why do we all procrastinate? Learn how to manage and optimize your time with methods directly form the hedge fund industry. Wall Street executives look to Arootah for management guidance and coaching. It’s time to use your time wisely and efficiently so you can get the highest return on your time invested – because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

About the Webinar

Are you achieving a high return on your time?

Are you achieving a high return on your time?

Learn Time Optimization through management techniques refined in the hedge fund industry. Feel in control of your time and motivated to achieve more!

Uncover the 3 common myths about time management.

Discover how to manage procrastination and create more time with expert solutions!

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Learn directly from Rich Bello, Wall Street Executive Coach, Advisor, and Investor.

Who is Rich?

Co-Founder and COO of the Hedge Fund Blue Ridge Capital

He grew it from zero to $10 Billion AUM.

CEO of Arootah

Building companies that empower and enrich people’s lives through seminars, webinars, and workshops while consulting on business operations.

Board Member of iMentor

The leader in both high school and college mentoring. Serving over 33,000 students, most of whom are from low-income communities. 


Rich is a major donor to iMentor, the Humane Society, and Restore NYC.

Who we help

Everyone from fund managers to high school students from low-income communities. Rich started with humble roots in upstate NY, so he knows how to change your life with strategy and determination.


“Thank you, as always, for the wonderful guiding reminders that are within these lessons of self-improvement and time management. In particular, that of finding grit within ourselves and always bringing it to life by persevering and never settling.”

The webinar was outstanding. You structured it in a way that is relatable”

It’s high quality really tangible stuff with easy to digest delivery.”

The highlights to me were two-fold, first the content was great and second your enthusiasm.”

You were able to get through A LOT of material within a short timeframe so I’m very impressed!”

“Your presentation was very energetic and inspiring”

The seminar was informative and empowered us to map out a number of goals and priorities using the methods you provided.”

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