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The success formula of a leader

Many leave the seminar with the best intentions to permanently reframe their mindset. However, life, distractions, and urgent priorities take over – forcing them to resort to old habits and limiting beliefs to get through the day.

It’s tough to optimize your mindset after just one seminar. To accomplish what you want, let’s work together to practice and apply the strategies we discussed.

Whether you’re looking for booming business, vibrant health, or high energy, our services provide the roadmap to your ideal destinations.

Want even greater results?

Sign up for our signature presentation! It’s an in-depth and interactive workshop you can bring directly to your team, virtually or in-person.

This is your chance to optimize the mindset, energy, and productivity of your workforce. So, if you’re interested in closing out 2021 with record performance and impressive growth, leave your email to reserve your spot!

Only a few spots left! First come, first serve.

A final note from Rich

Maximize your month with Arootah coaching

Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Dedicate 1 hour of your week to refocus, revise, and realign your actions with your goals. You’ll receive the necessary encouragement and accountability to see your missions through to the end.

Master coaching

Excel under high pressure. You can’t afford to slip up because your decisions impact those around you in personal and professional life.

Our coaching enriches your decision-making abilities so you can confidently tackle any venture.

Great if you desire to:

  • Fine-tune your self growth
  • Prepare for major life changes
  • Work towards your ideal outcomes


I don’t have the flexibility to play around with my life. Arootah coaching helped me own up to my responsibilities and opportunities. It completely changed my life, and this change was long overdue. The insightful sessions I had inspired me to focus on my goals and fulfillment.

Executive coaching

Inspire your game-changers and decision-makers to expand their leadership capabilities.

Our coaching helps top performers boost productivity, maintain accountability, and ultimately, assist in achieving exceptional company goals.

Great if you desire to:

  • Become a magnet for top talent
  • Stay agile against change and challenges
  • Reduce turnover and build loyalty


I’m amazed by what has been accomplished by my leaders during their sessions. They used to get stuck in the weeds of business and not always focus their efforts productively. Now, they are much better at delegating and inspiring junior staff.

Team coaching

Build a collaborative team that considers all possibilities, unlocking endless opportunities for your business.

Our coaching allows your workforce to grow, share, and balance group dynamics to leverage the absolute best qualities.

Great if you desire to:

  • Transform how you do business
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Improve productivity and performance


Establishing a coaching system for our team has empowered them to hit their milestones faster and more effectively. We are also reducing turnover since our team members feel like we are investing in them and enabling them to grow.

Give feedback, get 20% off your first 3 months of coaching!

Maximize your workforce with Arootah corporate wellness

Companies who strive for high productivity, long-term retention, and employee wellbeing implement a comprehensive wellness program into their culture. The result is an energized team with greater career and life satisfaction. Work with our experts to design a completely customized corporate wellness program!

Corporate speaking engagements

Webinars, seminars, and workshops packed with effective strategies and action steps to achieve your goals.

Productivity apps

Leverage the incredible benefits of technology to achieve great results exceptionally fast. You’ll save years of trial, error, and tribulation.

  • Life management software
  • Habit accountability tracker
  • Decision matrix

Why choose Arootah

Other coaching companies cannot offer Arootah’s unique perspective, professionals, and process. Born from the hedge fund industry, our CEO Rich Bello draws upon insight as a Wall Street executive and founder of the $10 billion hedge fund, Blue Ridge Capital.

His vision is further supported by a team of seasoned coaches who hold years of experience driving success in their clients – regardless of the goal and regardless of previous accomplishments.

We formulate synergistic strategies at the interaction of finance, technology, and wellness. This creates a comprehensive approach to unprecedented personal achievement and lasting life fulfillment.

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