“Knowledge does not apply itself. You must make the application.”

We offer follow-up workshops with our seminars. We aim to provide our attendees with the best tools possible, to enable them to implement the new learned skills and processes.

We also offer customized workshops, on any seminar or seminar sub topic, in order to deliver the most interactive experience.

We like to think of these as play-shops, because we make them fun, while at the same time delivering results! People often have better results when they are enjoying the experience. We provide a valuable workbook to go along with the presentation.

Our systemized Goals Setting session includes:

  1. The Gap Analysis (determine where you are vs. where you want to be)
  2. Written Plans
  3. Set up an Accountability Strategy
  4. Measuring your progress on your Goals
  5. Editing the Plans as you progress

We will not stop until we get you the results you are seeking! In the Workshop process, we refer to the Success Formula:

Identify GAPS in the key categories of your life →
Generate GOALS to close the gaps→
Create PLANS to achieve the goals →
PRIORITIZE actions from the plans→
SCHEDULE the prioritized actions →
EXECUTE scheduled actions →
MEASURE progress on the plan’s objective →
REVISE plan to improve progress →
CONTINUE to execute plans until…

Weekly Momentum Workshops

Discipline Workshops

Yearly or Quarterly Goal Setting Workshops

Focus Workshops

Mindset Workshops

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