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Blog > Is Your Remote Workspace Boring?

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Is Your Remote Workspace Boring?

Uninspired by your home office? Here's how to transform your workspace into something simulating, exciting, and creative.
Is Your Remote Workspace Boring?
For many, working from home was an inevitable outcome of COVID. As office buildings closed and lockdowns became mandatory, many were forced to finally utilize their pre-existing home office or invest in creating a makeshift one. Being stuck inside, all day, in the same space can get boring very quickly.

A change of décor might be the shift you need to keep your spirits up. While living and working in the same building, it is vital to create a desirable workspace for your sanity and productivity. Spring is for renewing and refreshing, and sometimes all we need to set a fresh tone is to redecorate. Reorganizing can renew our motivation and our attitudes towards work. With the change of season, it is beneficial to clean out all that does not serve our highest good. Embrace your work from home space and get re-inspired this season!


Here are some creative tips to revamp your workspace this spring:

  1. Open the windows!

Fresh air keeps us alert and attentive. A breeze through the room helps to cleanse the space. Let the fresh air in and take some deep breaths!

  1. Focus on lighting and scents!

Natural light is the ideal choice to brighten a room. Sunlight has a positive effect on mood. The white-blue hue of daylight makes people happier and more energized. It improves productivity and alertness.

Add unique lighting accents. Salt lamps and candles both provide a warm light, promoting relaxation. Scented candles incorporate a little aromatherapy into the room as well. Choose a fragrance that enhances your performance. Rosemary has positive effects on the brain, specifically memory. The smell may trigger responses to questions significantly faster. In a way, it makes people more innovative and sharper problem solvers. Peppermint, lemon, and cinnamon scents also boost attentiveness and wake up the brain.

  1. Embrace the power of nature!

Accent your remote workspace with plants. They purify the air and remove excess carbon monoxide. Increased oxygenation of the air improves productivity by up to 15% and also helps to combat drowsiness. The color green is said to stimulate brain productivity and maintain a sense of calmness without straining the eyes.

Select a plant such as Sansevieria Trifasciata, the “snake plant.” This plant requires very little care, making it easy to upkeep in your home. It is an excellent air purifier, removing toxins and pollutants from your space. The peace lily is another superb choice. According to NASA, it can remove more VOC’s than any other plant. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are gases that release into the atmosphere from certain products and chemical agents. Breathing them in can negatively affect the organs and the nervous system and in some cases can cause cancer.

Fresh flowers can change your office vibes and are perfect for spring and summer. Decorate with bright, colorful bouquets to boost mood and energy. They perk you up and even encourage you to be a ‘morning person.’ Try lavender for increased focus and to calm nerves.

Consider moving your workspace outside, even temporarily, to take advantage of the warmer weather. As humans, we have an innate longing to connect with nature. Rather than bringing the outdoors to you, get out and immerse yourself in wild surroundings. You will reap all the benefits nature has to offer. Also, a change of scenery can significantly improve problem-solving and creativity. Make sure you choose a nice shady spot and be mindful of sun exposure. You can set up under a tree or umbrella to allow for better screen vision with no glare. Protect your laptop from overheating by choosing hours early in the morning or late afternoon.

  1. Add some color!

Try repainting the walls. It is a simple makeover that will change the way you see the space and can make you feel inspired again. White always gives a clean look to a room. It allows the plants and flowers within it to pop. The color blue stimulates productivity and energy without overwhelming you. If the walls are too much for you, get creative and paint your desk. Rather than a neutral or wood grain, vamp it up with a fun color. It will give your office a unique touch and a sense of playfulness.

  1. Reorganize!

Rearrange the furniture and fall in love with your office all over again. It is like getting a haircut, a fresh new look for a new season.

Get rid of all the clutter. Clutter induces feelings of anxiety and procrastination. A good spring cleaning will help you get rid of useless items. File away papers and receipts in an aesthetically pleasing way. All loose documents should have an appropriate filing system that allows you to take on one task at a time. Loose, scattered items are more likely to go unnoticed or forgotten. Get creative with shelving, boxes, and storage. Always leave the desk clear every night. An empty desk is a peaceful vision to walk into. Clear space, clear mind.

Invest in a proper chair. A sturdy seat and sufficient back support are vital for ultimate comfort and productivity.

Get interior decorating inspiration from the places you enjoy visiting the most. Make your office as inviting as possible. Include a section of things that will promote creative brainstorming. Use a blackboard or whiteboard for ideas.

  1. Use technology in your favor!

Many available apps and programs can help revamp your working style. Ergotron helps you set your monitor and desk to the appropriate height for your body type to improve productivity and posture.

Flux adjusts the color temperature of your computer screen throughout the day, decreasing the blue light at sunset. This is great for those who have a lot of screen time and trouble falling asleep.

Serene helps you avoid distractions by allowing you to block and silence certain apps and websites.

Daywise allows you to designate times for notifications on your phone. Fewer distractions equal higher productivity.



Whatever you decide, the change in your remote workspace will be beneficial. You will experience a fresh new perspective towards your work life and possibilities. Not to mention, cleaning and rearranging furniture releases endorphins and burns calories. It’s a win-win!

If you need help with remote work leadership skills or your firm’s remote work culture, check out Arootah’s remote work offerings and take our FREE remote work assessment!






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1 year ago

What great ideas! Definitely will be painting my desk a new color for spring!

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