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Elevated Team Coaching

Hire a coach to empower a collaborative, high-performance team. We enable your workforce to achieve the most important goals for your business.

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Transform Your Business, Starting with Your People

As companies continue to navigate remote and hybrid work environments, and amidst the Great Resignation, workplace burnout, fatigue, and distraction is very real—both at home and in the office. But placing a renewed focus on workplace culture can help prevent employee burnout and have a positive impact your business.

Arootah Team Coaching helps teams discover their most innovative way of working to propel your firm. Our training equips leaders and teams with heightened collaboration and decision-making skills, self-leadership, collective productivity, improved prioritization, and new approaches to planning frameworks.

Arootah transform your business

Your Untapped Potential Awaits

Kick off the process with a free 30-minute Results Coaching Session guided by one of our coaches. Tell us about your challenges. A coach can help you move forward. Fill in the form below to schedule your call in a new window.

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arootah The returns generated by your firm are directly correlated to the investments you make in your people. arootah

– Rich Bello, CEO and Founder of Arootah

The More Brilliant Minds, the Better

Every team member brings value and must feel recognized if you want them to have skin in the game. Our Team Coaches overcome individual problems while identifying solutions that will benefit the entire organization. Even if issues cannot be tackled in one session, everyone leaves with strategies to improve their individual areas. Teams are busy doing incredible work. That’s why every session is virtual and scheduled at a time most convenient for them.


What Can You Achieve with Coaching?


Partnering with an Arootah Executive Coach will support seasoned and aspiring leaders in gaining self-awareness and aligning their priorities with your organization’s top goals.


Your organization’s leaders must have a strategic roadmap to drive performance and make impactful decisions. A well-crafted strategy ensures the effective allocation of resources, and all stakeholders align toward a shared vision.


Accountability is a critical component of Arootah’s Executive Coaching process, ensuring clients remain committed and focused on their goals while monitoring progress, providing constructive feedback, and adjusting as needed to achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you architect the path to success?

At Arootah, we live and breathe time management, goal prioritization, and enhanced energy utilization – key skills for success.

  • Time management: Create realistic timelines that are set up for more progress and less burnout.
  • Goal prioritization: Know exactly what to work on and when, even when distractions and urgent needs get in the way.
  • Energy optimization: Prepare for a productive week while allowing your team to enjoy time with family, exercise, and recreation.

Your group coach will work with your team in these areas (and others) to ensure they have the tools and skills to achieve goals in the most efficient and intelligent way possible. Kill the distractions, and implement the solutions!

Who are your clients, and what do you do for them?

Our clients come from hedge funds, investment banks, law firms, agencies, and creative organizations, but our capabilities expand beyond those industries.

If you agree that businesses have total control over their outcomes, then we want to work with you. We help optimize nearly every aspect of business, wellness, and personal or professional development.

What happens during a coaching session? What is discussed?

We first take stock in the current status of your business and clarify organizational goals. We ask thoughtful questions designed to challenge your assumptions, surface insights, and explore available options. We then establish goals and measurable objectives.

From there, we work directly with your team to turn your vision into reality. Your team gets the tools they need to be successful while you build a high-performing workforce.

How is a coaching session structured?

Our corporate team clients are busy professionals seeking high-performance execution. Coaching calls are meant to be quick, with every minute helping your team maximize their time and energy. Every session helps them regain focus, motivation, and moves them closer to the goals.

The coaching programs are 100% online. We prefer to conduct coaching calls via Zoom, however phone calls or your preferred method are options as well.

Is there a contract?

Yes, there is a contract for clients, so expectations are transparent on both sides.

We are only successful if you’re successful, so we will help you implement pragmatic solutions for you to see tangible results.