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Corporate Wellness Programs

Optimal mind-body health for employees means greater focus, clarity, endurance, and personal satisfaction. Our corporate wellness programs assist companies in delivering on their goals to increase productivity and retention, minimize burnout, and promote personal fulfillment and confidence among every team member.


Healthier Days and Better WorkLife Balance

Companies striving for optimal productivity and long-term retention amidst the Great Resignation are recognizing the importance of employee wellness in their culture — now more than ever. To meet that need, Arootah Corporate Wellness coaches and experts leverage health coaching education, nutrition, fitness, and stress management to develop comprehensive corporate health and wellbeing programs.

The result? Employees with better focus, clarity, personal satisfaction, productivity, wellbeing, and optimal mind-body health. For organizations, this means an exceptional ROI with lower health costs as well as better employee retention, energy, time management, and even happiness.

Boost productivity

Boost Productivity

Improve focus

Improve Focus

Alleviate fatigue

Alleviate Fatigue

Strengthen resilience

Strengthen Resilience

Strengthen resilience

Nurture Compassion

Corporate Health Programs Focus Areas

Our corporate health and wellbeing programs offer team coaching themes to support your people in achieving their health goals.



The body’s natural, powerful source of healing and restoration. Healthy and consistent sleep habits help you stay alert, creative, and energetic at work and in life.



The fuel for a high-energy, healthy lifestyle. Sustainable eating habits support long-term health and promote disease prevention.



The ultimate way to de-stress, build stamina, increase clarity, and strengthen your body. Sticking to a regimen is crucial, especially when working remotely.

Stress management

Stress Management

A critical strategy for managing the body’s natural “fight-or-flight” response. Keeping stress in check stabilizes blood pressure and empowers us to build and improve upon resilience skills.



One way to support the kidneys and liver as they detox. Eliminating processed foods can result in a healthier body and fewer sick days.



The body’s key resource in waste removal, energy distribution, and cell nourishment. Improving hydration habits can improve health, the body’s aging process, and the ability to focus.



Taking a proactive approach to health can help prevent disease, sustain energy, and unlock a satisfying sense of empowerment through mind-body connectivity.

Habit training

Habit Training

The proven strategy to set goals and achieve them successfully. Practicing prioritization and accountability sets a path to success both inside and outside the office.

arootah The returns generated by your firm are directly correlated to the investments you make in your people. arootah

– Rich Bello, CEO and Founder of Arootah

Corporate Wellness Solutions

Our experts and corporate wellness coaches are here to design a custom corporate wellness program for your team or firm. From individualized health coaching sessions to team or company-wide seminars, we provide sustainable, tools your people can use long-term to feel great and improve their performance every day.


Our immersive retreats let employees step away—for a day, a week—to reignite their energy, drive for success, mindfulness, and creativity. These retreats are health-focused off-sites that offer your employees a respite from stress and the opportunity to restore their commitment to hard work and team synergy

Chief Wellness Officer

Your most valuable asset is your people. Our fractional Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) creates a customized, holistic corporate health program to improve the health of your team, keeping your company objectives top of mind. The result: A healthy path to sustain corporate success by honoring the strengths of each employee.

Health Coaching

Whether you already work hard to achieve health goals, anyone can benefit from collaboration with a health coach experienced in supporting clients working toward personal mind and body goals.

Individual Health Coaching

Encourage every member of your team to dive deep into positive lifestyle changes that support their long-term health. Arootah Health Coaches are skilled in helping clients achieve weight loss, balanced nutrition, and more.

Team Health Coaching

Build camaraderie and motivation within your team. Group health coaching is suitable for every team member, regardless of fitness level, age, or body type.


Wellness fundamentals, such as energy optimization, goal setting, and mindful productivity are the gateway to achieving success. Our interactive sessions focus on these and other themes to accelerate personal and professional development through healthy habits.



Live or pre-recorded sessions that focus on wellness fundamentals—with the benefit of group camaraderie. Participants leave with a wellness activity workbook for future reference.



Live, online workshops that focus on wellness fundamentals such as energy optimization, goal setting, stress management, and productivity. These sessions are interactive to maximize engagement.

Online courses

Online Courses

Pre-recorded sessions on a variety of topics around goal setting and mindfulness. Participants leave with an activity workbook for future reference.

Fitness Classes

Your team will feel confident, engaged, and strong at work through yoga and a repertoire of other fitness classes. Our instructors offer a holistic range of sessions to help your team energize, relax, and engage with both mind and body.



Yoga offers your team freedom from stress and tension. Sessions teach breathwork and mindful movement to address physical, emotional, and mental blocks. Other benefits include improved circulation, strength, flexibility, energy, immunity, alignment, and mental clarity.



Strategic stretching sessions utilize the breath to create more length through the body. Stretching can help prevent injury, improve general fitness, improve the supply of oxygen to the muscles, and calm the mind, for maximum productivity.



Mat classes use repetitive mindful movements to promote balance, help prevent injury, and increase the strength and length of muscles. Classes build off each other and ultimately contribute to sustainable confidence and a sense of calm.

Full body class

Full Body Class

These training sessions help build and maintain healthy muscle, increase energy, and improve overall wellbeing. We incorporate all levels of training for your employees making it a well-rounded workout.

Renewal and Stress Management

Just the right amount of stress is actually helpful—but most of us are pushed beyond that right amount on a daily basis. In these sessions, we offer a way out of the cycle of excessive stress through holistic and sustainable lifestyle choices that increase clarity and mindfulness.

Sleep coaching

Sleep Coaching

These sleep-focused sessions address challenges and opportunities in getting a good night’s sleep. Our expert sleep coaches identify what it means to fall and stay asleep in a healthy way to begin optimizing use of energy in all areas of life.



Guided meditation can improve self-awareness, focus, decision-making skills, and concentration. Tapping into ancient techniques, we lead your team in mind-clearing practices that ultimately improve their productivity.



Conscious breathing helps gain control over fluctuating emotions and mental states. We teach your team simple and effective techniques that link body to mind so they have greater composure under pressure and a sense of peace.



Easily integrate a simple chair massage into the workday to improve focus and presence. Our massage therapists use an approach that improves posture and creates a sense of relaxation, so your team has better productivity, sustained energy, and mental clarity.

Your Untapped Potential Awaits

Kick off the process with one of our coaches in a free 30-minute Results Coaching Session. Tell us about your challenges. A coach can support you in moving forward toward your goals. Fill in the form below to schedule your call today.

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