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At Arootah, we challenge ambitious leaders to do more, maximize resources, and achieve long-lasting success. We blend the best of finance, technology, and wellbeing for incredible personal and professional outcomes..

Business Optimization

Become an influential leader who works smarter, not harder. Learn to build a culture of growth, accountability, and collective achievement within your team.

Personal Optimization

Restore your wellbeing so you’re ready to accomplish more every day. Learn to drastically improve your health, mindset, and performance.

Why choose AROOTAH?

Arootah, founded by Hedge Fund Executive and Wall Street Coach Rich Bello, is the leading organization applying Hedge Fund practices to essentially any business, professional objective, or life goal. After 25 years of training, mentoring, and coaching teams in the financial sector, Rich has observed high-achieving employees’ behaviors and actions that lead to incredible business results. Rich has a unique approach to high achievement while mitigating risk. Whether you are an entrepreneur, senior manager, or seeking high growth opportunities, Arootah can be your guide to get you there.

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How to Leverage Stress in the Workplace

Stress is inevitable. In one way or another, you have experienced it, especially when it comes to working. Stress can feel like drowning under a sea of deadlines or a schedule that is bursting with...

“Eat the Frog First” to Stop Procrastinating

Most of us have a natural tendency to put off tedious or challenging tasks. This delay tactic will only come back to haunt us. There is however, a very specific principle we can practice to prevent...

What to Do if You Don’t Like Your Coworker

An unfriendly coworker is never the first choice for a colleague, but what can you do if you find yourself working with someone unpleasant or downright miserable? There is an amicable, even joyful...

Do You Have Social Anxiety Coming Out of COVID-19 Restrictions?

Are you feeling uneasy about reentering the social scene after over a year of staying inside? You’re not alone. Since your social life came to a crashing halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, you...

How a Plant-Based Diet Helps You Stay Hydrated

You know you need to drink water, but either you often forget, or you think it tastes so trite. Good news! There are other ways to hydrate with water-rich foods. By filling up on fruits and...

How to Stop Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Admit it. You’ve spent hours scrolling on your phone, and then it is suddenly 2 am. You promised yourself that you would go to bed at a decent time. Why does this happen again and again? Perhaps you...

Seaweed Is Seeing Its Way Into the Future

You’ve probably heard about seaweed in products, but did you know of its numerous health and beauty benefits? From decorative to nutritive, seaweed has many wonderful forms and uses. It seems to be...


I really enjoyed tackling each aspect of my life, as I realize that I tend to neglect some, especially when work or putting out fires type of priorities take over. As important as family is for me, I tend to lose focus on the time and effort spent in each of the categories and this seminar was super helpful.”

Founder, Chief Investment Officer,
Managing Partner of a Hedge Fund

“…Putting out fires type of priorities take over!”

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