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At Arootah, we challenge ambitious leaders to do more, maximize resources, and achieve long-lasting success. We blend the best of finance, technology, and wellbeing for incredible personal and professional outcomes..

Business Optimization

Become an influential leader who works smarter, not harder. Learn to build a culture of growth, accountability, and collective achievement within your team.

Personal Optimization

Restore your wellbeing so you’re ready to accomplish more every day. Learn to drastically improve your health, mindset, and performance.

Why choose AROOTAH?

Arootah, founded by Hedge Fund Executive and Wall Street Coach Rich Bello, is the leading organization applying Hedge Fund practices to essentially any business, professional objective, or life goal. After 25 years of training, mentoring, and coaching teams in the financial sector, Rich has observed high-achieving employees’ behaviors and actions that lead to incredible business results. Rich has a unique approach to high achievement while mitigating risk. Whether you are an entrepreneur, senior manager, or seeking high growth opportunities, Arootah can be your guide to get you there.

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How to Practice a Crisitunity Mindset

What is Crisitunity? A 'Crisitunity' is an instance when a crisis arises that paves the way for an opportunity to be taken advantage of. A Crisitunity mindset is the ability to spot an opportunity amidst any crisis. It is an outlook on life that is proactive and...

Do You Have an Abundance Mindset?

Evolution is the intrinsic way of life. The expansion of existence weaves into the laws of nature. Every living cell manifests, grows, and perpetually becomes more. The life cycle is the root of abundance, in which life creates more life. The natural world is...

Advice to Procrastinators During Tax Season

It happens every year. We know the dreaded day is coming, yet some of us still wait until the last minute to file our tax returns. Why do we do this to ourselves? Tax season isn’t a pleasant time for everyone. It’s a time that gives rise to stress, anxiety, and an...

Set Goals within the Season

As the seasons change, so does your energy, as well as which goals take priority. Sectioning your goals into 3-month segments, which is roughly 90 days, is an adequate length of time to target specific outcomes and focus on seasonal energy. Each season can inspire you...

How to be Sustainable During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Practicing sustainability is a necessity for survival. We must think beyond our former collective ways of treating the planet. We can create a healthier future by being mindful of the footprints we leave behind now. When we choose to support the greater good of the...

Is Your Remote Workspace Boring?

For many, working from home was an inevitable outcome of COVID. As office buildings closed and lockdowns became mandatory, many were forced to finally utilize their pre-existing home office or invest in creating a makeshift one. Being stuck inside, all day, in the...

How to Reduce Sleeplessness with Tea

A good night's sleep is a blessing. There is nothing better than falling asleep with ease and waking up fully rejuvenated. Proper rest is vital for our health and wellness, but it is easier said than done for many of us. With anxiety rates skyrocketing due to COVID-19...


I really enjoyed tackling each aspect of my life, as I realize that I tend to neglect some, especially when work or putting out fires type of priorities take over. As important as family is for me, I tend to lose focus on the time and effort spent in each of the categories and this seminar was super helpful.”

Founder, Chief Investment Officer,
Managing Partner of a Hedge Fund

“…Putting out fires type of priorities take over!”

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