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Empower & Grow: Providing Alternative Investment Solutions

Arootah stands at the forefront of the Alternative Investment Industry as a comprehensive solution provider, offering an array of services crucial for Alternative Investment Management at varying stages of their journey.

Arootah’s Formula for Success in the Alternative Investment Industry


The Foundation: The foundation of our formula is Knowledge. Our expertise springs from the collective wisdom of our expert advisors and coaches, enriched by external research and interactions with industry veterans. This multifaceted approach to knowledge gathering involves extensive exploration through books, white papers, podcasts, and more, ensuring a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of each subject.


The Application: Recognizing that knowledge alone is not sufficient, we focus on Process as the next critical element. This step involves creating structured, actionable methodologies to apply the knowledge effectively. Knowledge will not apply itself. Our core belief is that knowledge must be transformed into action, which is achieved through well-defined processes.


The Efficiency Enabler: In an era where technology is a game-changer, we integrate Technology, predominantly innovative SaaS tools, to bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes. This technological integration ensures precise execution and adherence to the processes, optimizing the overall strategy.

Expert Guidance

The Catalyst: The unique aspect of our formula is the Expert Guidance and Personalized Coaching provided by our skilled advisors and coaches. This component adds a vital human touch, ensuring clarity, strategy, and accountability. Through one-on-one interactions, our team helps clients define their goals, devise plans, and utilize the accumulated knowledge, processes, and technology to achieve these goals.

Arootah’s formula is not just about individual components; it’s about how these elements synergize to create a transformative experience for our clients. The combination of comprehensive knowledge, structured processes, cutting-edge technology, and expert, personalized coaching culminates in a powerful service model. This model is designed to deliver not just insights, but tangible outcomes, ensuring that our clients in the alternative investment industry achieve their objectives with clarity, precision, and success.

Engagements and Collaborations

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Over 500 Coaches and Advisors, You Can Trust

Tap into our professional network of certified coaches and experienced advisors. All are vetted by Arootah standards for success.

Arootah is where high performance isn’t just a goal; it’s a mindset. Empowerment, transformation, and unparalleled success await – because with Arootah, your potential knows no bounds.

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Replicate Success

Whether you work for a family office, hedge fund, or service provider – Arootah coaches and advisors impact businesses through behavior, strategy, and technology.

Derived from Rich Bello, co-founder and COO of Blue Ridge Capital, for over 25 years with over $10B AUM at its peak and pioneering family office innovation for high net worth partners, portfolio managers, and analysts.

Technology, How Does It Work?

We match the human experiences of coaching and advisory – the art of compassion and knowledge of best practices – with tech-driven continuity, problem-solving, and accountability through our AI-powered apps.

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Technology Leveraged Results

Create momentum and fast-forward results with our apps. Set powerful goals, establish habits, and make better decisions. Connect from any mobile device or computer.

Winner of the 2022 Crowdbotics Innovator Award

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Read, Watch, Take Action

Insights on leveling up your business, career, and life to reach peak performance.

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ways to master personal accountability

Are you ready to stay accountable and reach your goals systematically?

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Self discipline

If you struggle to stay on task, here are our top tips to success!


Why Choose Arootah?

Born from the hedge fund industry, our team of seasoned coaches and advisors are uniquely positioned to guide you along your way.

Our CEO Rich Bello draws upon his insights as the co-founder and COO of the $10 billion hedge fund, Blue Ridge Capital. 

Rooted at the intersection of finance, technology, and wellness, we provide a comprehensive approach to personal, professional, and business achievement.

We’ve experienced the problems you face and we have the solutions.

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Success Stories

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I’m amazed by what I was able to accomplish in one night! I enjoyed both the philosophy behind the topics as well as the practical breakout room workshops proctored by his coaches.

Maria D
Chief Operating Officer
Hedge and Private Equity Fund

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Arootah is a unique, one-stop shop for each functional area of your business. With current cost pressures and tremendous competition, customized services and applications to meet your firm’s needs are even more critical. Regardless of the stage of your business, whether it be business development or executive coaching, Arootah is a company worth considering.

Rich P
Global Head of Prime Brokerage & Equity Distribution
Morgan Stanley

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Setting goals and creating plans to achieve them with Rich really inspired me to take advantage of more opportunities than I had realized.

Peter B
Portfolio Manager
Hedge Fund