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At Arootah, we challenge ambitious leaders to do more, maximize resources, and achieve long-lasting success. We blend the best of finance, technology, and wellbeing for incredible personal and professional outcomes..

Business Optimization

Become an influential leader who works smarter, not harder. Learn to build a culture of growth, accountability, and collective achievement within your team.

Personal Optimization

Restore your wellbeing so you’re ready to accomplish more every day. Learn to drastically improve your health, mindset, and performance.

Why choose AROOTAH?

Arootah, founded by Hedge Fund Executive and Wall Street Coach Rich Bello, is the leading organization applying Hedge Fund practices to essentially any business, professional objective, or life goal. After 25 years of training, mentoring, and coaching teams in the financial sector, Rich has observed high-achieving employees’ behaviors and actions that lead to incredible business results. Rich has a unique approach to high achievement while mitigating risk. Whether you are an entrepreneur, senior manager, or seeking high growth opportunities, Arootah can be your guide to get you there.

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I really enjoyed tackling each aspect of my life, as I realize that I tend to neglect some, especially when work or putting out fires type of priorities take over. As important as family is for me, I tend to lose focus on the time and effort spent in each of the categories and this seminar was super helpful.”

Founder, Chief Investment Officer,
Managing Partner of a Hedge Fund

“…Putting out fires type of priorities take over!”

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