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Maximize Your Time and Productivity

Technology at Your Service

Work stress, sleep struggles, ever-shifting priorities — we juggle so much in our personal and professional lives (don’t forget about business, too).

Fortunately, there are Arootah apps. With solutions for time management, goal setting, making decisions, habit tracking, mindfulness, and more, it’s the simple way to optimize your time and maximize your results.

Decision Manager App

Selecting and performing due diligence on fund managers can be daunting. Should you prioritize their previous performance or their grit?

Use our Decision Matrix App as a vetting process for allocators to analyze managers, ensuring that investments continue to perform. The app enables you to gain accountability and oversight for your decisions.

Improve your decision-making skills and judgment by mitigating cognitive biases like herd mentality. Discover those hidden gems and the next best managers.

  • Include our top 10 criteria allocators need to recommend investment fund managers
  • Customize the criteria to make decisions satisfying your firm’s specific needs
  • Sort a roster of the top 10 managers
  • Comparing managers against each other

Never again operate unwittingly, and start making informed decisions about future allocations.

The arootah decision manager app

Project Manager App

We’ve also launched a business development platform to identify promising up-and-coming managers.

  • Best Practice Reviews
  • Fractional Staffing
  • Business Development Project Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Business Development Masterclass
Project manager

SaaS Tool: The Allocation Decision Manager

In the world of strategic investment, the decision-making process is a critical component that drives success. Arootah’s Allocation Decision Manager embodies this principle by distilling the meticulous process outlined in our “Allocator Principles” book into an accessible, technology-enhanced format. This tool is not just a product; it’s an essential aid in the journey towards logical, unbiased, and efficient decision-making in fund allocation.


Our approach involves the use of Arootah’s Decision Manager Allocation Tool, a sophisticated framework that applies a dual-level scoring system.

Defining Relative Criteria

The first step involves establishing criteria that are relevant to scoring different investment options. This foundational step ensures that the evaluation is aligned with strategic goals.

Weighting Each Criterion

Recognizing that not all criteria carry equal importance, the tool allows for differential weighting. This nuanced approach ensures that more significant factors have a proportionate impact on the overall decision.

Option Pool Identification

Users identify a pool of potential investment funds, creating a comprehensive list of options for evaluation.

Scoring Rubric Design

For each criterion, a scoring rubric is designed to facilitate consistent and objective scoring of the options.

Mitigating Cognitive Biases

The tool is structured to minimize the influence of cognitive biases, a critical aspect in ensuring the quality of decision-making.

Comparative Analysis

After scoring, a comparative analysis is conducted. Each fund is ranked against others for each criterion, culminating in a final score that reveals the top options in an orderly and transparent manner.


Consistency and Efficiency

By standardizing the decision-making process, the tool ensures consistency and efficiency in evaluating investment options.

Accountability and Quality Assurance

The systematic approach provides a clear trail of decision-making, fostering accountability and enhancing the quality of choices.

Continuous Improvement

The tool’s design allows for ongoing refinements, contributing to continuous improvement in the decision-making process.

Facilitates Delegation and Collaboration

Teams can collaboratively use the tool, making the process more inclusive and delegating tasks effectively.

Risk Management

By providing a structured way to assess and compare options, the tool aids in managing investment risks.

Training and Development

It serves as a practical training aid in understanding and applying fund allocation principles.

Reduction of Cognitive Bias

The logical and structured approach significantly mitigates the risk of cognitive biases, leading to more rational and objective decisions.

Habit Coach

The app to be your very best self-from sleeping better to smoking less, and everything in between.

Focus on the habits that matter, track your progress, and enjoy small wins that add up to a lifetime of positive transformation.

  • Increase mindfulness
  • Bring positive behavior change
  • Eliminate bad habits
  • Create life-changing routines
  • See real progress

Set Your Goals & Create Master Plans for these Areas of Your Business


Identify investment opportunities, ensuring that your resources continue to perform.

Fund Managers

The fundraising process is fundamental to your success. Create a marketing plan to invest and raise capital. 

Family Office

Strengthen your assets at your single or multi-family office to create a legacy for generations to come. 

Talent Acquisition & Development

Strengthen your firm from the inside out with fractional and full-time talent.

Executive Leadership

Use a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals become the leader you aspire to be.


Corporate Wellness

Gain control over your well-being, energy, and holistic health. Live a life of wellness.

Explore Our Apps

Project Management

Missed deadlines can derail your whole team — and your business. Our Project Manager tool allows leaders to develop actionable plans to achieve short- and long-term goals with ease.


Develop fair and competitive compensation plans to attract and retain top talent — and to help your team meet business objectives — with the Compensation Tool.

Procedures and Processes

For many business leaders, efficiency and results can feel ever elusive. Luckily, when it comes to processes in your organization, our Procedure Accountability Tracker measures daily progress, holding teams accountable to their work and deadlines.