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for the Greatest Number

Arootah is programmed around maximizing opportunities for personal development, and nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. 

In the works – A 35,000+ sq. ft Wellness Center in Manhattan. The pulsating heart of our community will be an organic restaurant, which will offer casual opportunities for members and guests to commune. The adjacent elixir bar will redefine social drinking by serving nutrient dense, mood-altering botanicals elixirs. A bookshop and boutique will offer smartly curated personal development products, and an alchemist at the apothecary program will provide an herbal “dispensary-pharmacy” with time-tested herbal remedies. This will be part of a comprehensive preventative and integrative medicine practice, which will give our members access to previously unavailable alternative medical practitioners and services, all under one roof.

The Center’s big draw and membership driver will be a diverse seminar program, which will offer daily talks and workshops, given by industry experts. In addition, we plan a robust personal and business coaching programs based on content from our most in-demand seminars and events.

The 5 Pillars of




Business: Effective Communication, Leadership…

Personal: Phenomenal Relationships, Fulfilling Dream Career, Financial Freedom…

Arootah, The Center for Inspired Action, is the Answer!

New York City, famous for the work hard, play hard lifestyle, is where Arootah is Headquartered.

Engage your mind and ignite your spirit from a wide variety of uplifting trainings to discover the best in you.

Our Live and Digital Programs are jam-packed with insightful information and tools to apply the knowledge that generates the highest return on your time and energy.

‘Leaders are made, they are not born’ Vince Lombardi

Many people are held back by their inability to manage their Mindset, as well as their Intrinsic Resources
(Time, Energy, Discipline and Focus).

We’ve collected the BEST practices in Life Coaching, Executive Coaching and Business Consulting, to create an engaging and high energy environment, to enhance the resourcefulness of our guests.

Clients of Arootah are equipped with the insights and skills they need to radically improve their life.

We even provide Follow-Up Webinars to create unstoppable momentum, to make it easy for you to consistently follow through on your goals. We purposefully coincide our Coaching programs to instill the accountability tools necessary to take your plans through to fruition. When you tap your incredible inner power, you will see that you are capable of making lasting, positive change and thus achieve the results you covet.

At Arootah, The Center for Inspired Action, innovative activities inspire you to expand your boundaries, and challenge yourself to the fullest, so that you can create and live your best life!


Discover our pragmatic combination of one-on-one coaching and consulting, inspiring content, entertaining videos, and no-nonsense workbooks, filled with helpful examples and exercises.

We strive to provide the most effective tools; so that our clients can apply what they learn right away.

Delivering both our core programs, as well as customized ones; we aim to support you as best as we can!

Let us know what you are looking for, and we will do what we can to support you!

The EnRichment Show!

Get access to winning strategies previously ONLY accessible to an elite cadre of high earners. As a leader, mentor and coach, Rich Bello - Co-Founder and COO of Blue Ridge Capital - has played a pivotal role in the careers of hundreds of NYC's most ambitious professionals. Being the driving force for them to scale their lives to new peaks on their own.  Learn More. 


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