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Family Office Advisory

Maximize the potential of your family office with expert guidance tailored to the unique needs of high-net-worth families and their advisors.

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Let’s Work Together to Elevate Your Family Office Operations 

High-net-worth families have unique needs that require specialized attention. Often, family offices can overlook important areas like cybersecurity, estate planning, and expense management. 

Offered as part of Arootah’s Business Advisory services, our Family Office Advisory services are designed to provide tailored guidance and support to wealthy families and family office executives. Our team of experts brings real-world, on-the-job experience to help you navigate the challenges of wealth management and overall operations.  

Partner with us to elevate your family office operations and gain peace of mind knowing that your assets and future generations are well-cared for. 

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Family Office Advisory Services

Arootah Family Office Advisory supports the unsung heroes who drive the engine of a family office. Our experienced and dedicated advisors guide wealthy families and family offices in making the best use of their three most valuable assets: time, money, and family.

Our consultative approach enables families and family offices to make the most of philanthropy, business ventures, and wealth preservation.

We offer the tools and foundational support families need to:

  • Experience peace of mind knowing their assets are protected
  • Navigate challenging family dynamics
  • Benefit from an objective third party
  • Ensure their children and future generations will be well-cared for

Who We Serve


Single Family Offices

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Multi-Family Offices


Ultra-High Net Worth Families

Decision Matrix App

A vetting process to analyze your options, ensuring that your resources continue to perform. The secret to prioritizing funds is having criteria. With three decades of allocating capital, we have a tried-and-true process to analyze all facets of a manager. Take advantage of our templates for selecting managers or choosing investments.

Dig deep into opportunities and gain the power to make better decisions. Make your decisions based on logic – rather than emotions and cognitive biases.

  • Leverage industry templates
  • Compare options against each other
  • Systematically optimize judgement
  • Prioritize your specific criteria during evaluation 
  • Eliminate cognitive biases such as herd mentality and sunk cost bias, from your decision-making process

Never again operate unwittingly. Start making informed decisions about future allocations. It is time for you to discover the hidden gems on your team that will drive your team to success.

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We’ll be launching the Decision Matrix App soon! Enter into our Pilot Program to be one of the first users of the app and gain access to our industry templates for selecting managers or choosing investments.

  • Access the app and discover templates developed by industry veterans
  • Create a well-documented process for making decisions with our advisors
  • Score your managers or investments based on logical criteria

This offer is limited to only the first 100 participants! Sign up to get on the list for the new release.

Arootah Business Advisory

Under the direction of Rich Bello, co-founder and COO of Blue Ridge Capital, Arootah Business Advisory advisors draw on the expertise of some of the world’s most prestigious firms, such as Tiger Management, D.E. Shaw, Maverick, Pequot, and Andor.

Our advisors focus on best practices advisory, imparting the tools, policies, and procedures you need to proactively build a firm so stable that the only surprises you experience emerge from markets.

We offer services on an ad-hoc or project basis or for longer-term engagements.

Learn about Arootah Business Advisory

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Who We Serve


Single Family Offices

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Multi-Family Offices


Ultra-High Net Worth Families

Business Advisory: Fill in the Gaps

Consider us an extension of your team. Learn how your family office can evolve in the following functional areas:

Functional Areas

Estate Planning

Enable efficient transfer of wealth with estate planning. Our approach supports preserving maximum wealth for beneficiaries, offering flexibility for individuals during life transitions.


Ensure accurate tax preparation whether in-house or outsourced. Our advisors are updated on current tax codes and improve the accuracy of financial records, crucial for clients and regulatory agencies.

Financial & Wealth Management

Offer a personal financial team to streamline your clients’ accounts, spending, and investments. Our advisory services support comprehensive management of all your client’s financial affairs.

Talent & Vendor

Implement structured policies for talent and vendor management. We can facilitate workforce planning, recruitment, retention, employee engagement, training, and more.


Enrich your clients’ lives with unique experiences, wellness, and personal support. Our service supports family office clients savour the luxury of time.

Risk Management

Address the ongoing risks posed to high-net-worth individuals and their properties, from cyber threats to physical dangers.


Secure your data with robust plans and protocols, that address system outages and ensure data accessibility.

Medical Planning

Get support crafting healthcare plans for different family generations, from mental health to long-term care to prevention programs.

Liability Management

Manage changing family dynamics with ongoing evaluation of liability exposures and insurance and legal coverage.


Handle your clients’ charitable giving, including separate entities like private foundations or trusts. We can assist in setting strategic goals, educating family members, implementing philanthropic strategies, and measuring impact.

Ready to Connect with an Advisor?

Book a free strategy call to determine the advisory services best suited for your needs.

Ready to Connect with an Advisor?

Book a free strategy call to determine the advisory services best suited for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your clients, and what do you do for them?

Our clients are hedge funds, family offices, wealth management firms, asset management firms, private equity firms and other financial institutions, as well as individual families. Our advisors carefully assess how they currently operate across all functional areas and identify where gaps exist.

What kind of “success” do you help clients achieve?

We go far beyond business success. Depending on where you want to improve, our team supports businesses and individuals to accomplish their most ambitious goals. Common goals we help our clients accomplish include:

  • Expanding operations
  • Maximizing returns
  • Leveraging resources
  • Refocusing talents
  • Pursuing exciting opportunities
  • Raising more capital
  • Exploring new ventures

How does Arootah Business Advisory improve the corporate environment?

There are measurable impacts of business advisory, such as improved efficiencies, fewer mistakes, reduction of costly errors, and increased revenues. Research has shown that businesses who leverage the involvement of subject-matter experts in various functional areas see improved productivity.

Will I receive a business strategy?

Yes… Arootah advisors are eager to provide you with a strategy that works! They’re committed to helping you optimize your business plan, find the best tactics, and support you during implementation. Business advisory services are perfect for those looking to grow a business or better market their products.

Where does Arootah Business Advisory take place?

We’re 100% online, so we can easily connect with you whenever it is most convenient to do so. The program is safe, secure, and confidential. Our clients and consultants are working hard to make incredible things happen. Protecting your trade secrets, intellectual property, and personal information is a top priority.

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