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Empowering Informed Decisions in Alternative Investments

Arootah’s Outsourced Due Diligence

Navigate Complexity, Uncover Opportunities

Make confident choices backed by thorough research and analysis.

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Target Audience

Arootah’s Fund Allocation services are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of Allocators to the hedge fund industry. Our target audience includes:

1. Family Offices

Both single and multi-family offices with diverse investment interests.

2. Institutional Investors

Entities like pension funds, insurance companies, and sovereign wealth funds.

3. Endowments and Foundations

University endowments and private charitable foundations.

4. High-Net-Worth Individuals

Individuals seeking diversified investment portfolios.

5. Fund of Funds

Entities investing in a diversified portfolio of alternative investment funds.

Each of these groups faces unique challenges and opportunities in resource allocation to alternative investments. Our services are tailored to provide strategic insights and tools, helping them optimize their investment decisions and achieve long-term objectives.

Due Diligence Services

In the intricate world of alternative investments, making informed decisions is paramount. Arootah’s Outsourced Due Diligence service is specifically designed to navigate this complexity with precision and depth. Tailored for allocators within the hedge fund industry, our service offers a comprehensive analysis of both investment and operational functions of Alternative Investment Funds. This rigorous evaluation process is not just about mitigating risks; it’s about uncovering opportunities and ensuring that each investment decision aligns with strategic objectives. Whether it’s for family offices, institutional investors, or fund of funds, our service is the cornerstone for those who seek to make investment decisions backed by thorough research and systematic assessment.

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Arootah’s Outsourced Due Diligence service is designed to rigorously evaluate both investment and operational functions of Alternative Investment Funds. This service is particularly beneficial for:

  • Family Offices and High-Net-Worth Individuals: Seeking to ensure that their investments are sound and well-vetted.
  • Institutional Investors and Endowments: Requiring thorough analysis to meet fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Fund of Funds: Looking for a comprehensive assessment to make informed investment decisions.


Our approach involves the use of Arootah’s Decision Manager Allocation Tool, a sophisticated framework that applies a dual-level scoring system.

Initial Scoring

Funds are evaluated using carefully researched weighted criteria. Users can customize these criteria or utilize the pre-defined set provided by Arootah. The weighting for each criterion is determined by the user, followed by applying a rubric to score each fund.

Comparative Scoring

After narrowing down the funds, a second comparative scoring process is engaged. Each fund is ranked against others based on each criterion, refining the scoring and ensuring an accurate hierarchical arrangement.


The Outsourced Due Diligence service offers several key advantages.

Fulfillment of Fiduciary Obligations

Funds are evaluated using carefully researched weighted criteria. Users can customize these criteria or utilize the pre-defined set provided by Arootah. The weighting for each criterion is determined by the user, followed by applying a rubric to score each fund.

Decision Justification

Provides a solid foundation for explaining the rationale behind investment decisions to investment committees or decision-makers.

Hindsight Analysis

Detailed records facilitate retrospective analysis, allowing allocators to assess the effectiveness of their decisions, learn from them, and refine future processes.

Algorithmic Improvement

The systematic and iterative nature of the methodology serves as an algorithm that continuously improves with each application, leading to more refined and accurate decision-making over time.

Transparency and Accountability

Ensures a transparent and accountable decision-making process, crucial for maintaining trust among stakeholders.

In summary, Arootah’s Outsourced Due Diligence service equips allocators with a comprehensive, systematic, and customizable tool to make well-informed decisions. This service not only aids in meeting regulatory and fiduciary requirements but also enhances the overall decision-making process, contributing to improved investment outcomes.

Selecting and performing due diligence on fund managers can be daunting. Should you prioritize their previous performance or their grit?

Use our Decision Matrix App as a vetting process for allocators to analyze managers, ensuring that investments continue to perform. The app enables you to gain accountability and oversight for your decisions.

Improve your decision-making skills and judgment by mitigating cognitive biases like herd mentality. Discover those hidden gems and the next best managers.

  • Include our top 10 criteria allocators need to recommend investment fund managers
  • Customize the criteria to make decisions satisfying your firm’s specific needs
  • Sort a roster of the top 10 managers
  • Comparing managers against each other

Never again operate unwittingly, and start making informed decisions about future allocations.

Decision matrix

SaaS Tool: Candidate Scoring Manager

In the realm of talent acquisition, making informed and unbiased hiring decisions is crucial for organizational success. Arootah’s Candidate Scoring Manager is a SaaS tool designed to encapsulate the advanced methodologies outlined in the “Talent Acquisition Principles” book. This tool transforms the traditional recruitment process into a more structured, objective, and efficient system, ensuring fair and strategic candidate evaluation.

Arootah’s Candidate Scoring Manager is an essential SaaS product for organizations aiming to refine their hiring processes. By leveraging technology to implement a structured and unbiased approach, this tool ensures that talent acquisition is not only efficient and effective but also aligned with strategic organizational goals.

The Allocator Principles: Identifying Best Practices for Capital Allocation to Alternative Investment Funds

A Guide to Alternative Investment Management Due Diligence is a meticulously crafted guide designed to provide allocators in the alternative investment sector with comprehensive insights into due diligence processes. This book systematically addresses the multifaceted aspects of investment management due diligence, offering valuable knowledge for allocators at various stages of their careers. “The Allocator Principles” Equips allocators with the essential skills and understanding needed for effective due diligence in alternative investment management. It covers a range of crucial topics from risk definition to negotiating terms, tailored to the unique requirements of alternative investments.

Allocator principle