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Come to us with your firm’s most pressing challenges. Arootah Allocator Advisory supports allocators across Investments and Operations to propel businesses forward.

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Strengthen Your Firm from the Inside Out

Whether you’re starting up a new firm or looking to scale or transition an established firm, Arootah Allocator Advisory supports leaders to proactively build and grow their business.

Offered as part of Arootah’s Business Consulting services, our Allocator Advisory team guides Allocator executives on how to maximize performance with our process-driven approach across Investments and Operations. Our team of advisors leverages real-world, on-the-job experience in structuring, operating, managing, and growing successful allocators to support our clients in meeting and overcoming their firms’ biggest needs and challenges.

Optimize Your Allocation Process

Arootah Allocator Advisory services propel your business forward by leveraging our experience across the key areas of a firm: Investments and Operations. Our team can support you throughout the entire life cycle: from startup to raising capital to ongoing operations and beyond.

We offer the tools and foundational support to help you:

  • Develop confidence across the entire lifecycle of fund management
  • Navigate complex SEC and compliance issues
  • Ensure the satisfaction of your investors
  • Foster collaboration across functional areas of your firm

Whether you are forming a new fund or looking to grow your business, our consultative approach will enable you to optimize your time and resources.

Arootah Business Consulting

Under the direction of Rich Bello, co-founder and COO of Blue Ridge Capital, Arootah Business Consulting advisors draw on the expertise of some of the world’s most prestigious firms, such as Tiger Management, D.E. Shaw, Maverick, Pequot, and Andor.

Our advisors focus on best practices consulting to impart the tools, policies, and procedures you need to proactively build a firm so stable that the only surprises you experience emerge from markets.

We offer services on an ad-hoc or project basis or for longer-term engagements.

Learn about Arootah Business Consulting

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Decision Matrix App

A vetting process you can use to analyze your options, ensuring that your resources continue to perform. The secret is to prioritize funds is having criteria. With three decades of allocating capital, we have a tried-and-true process to analyze all facets of a manager. Take advantage of our templates for selecting managers or choosing investments.

Dig deep into opportunities and gain the power to make better decisions. Make your decisions based on logic rather than emotions and cognitive biases.

  • Leverage industry templates
  • Compare options against each other
  • Systematically optimize judgement
  • Prioritize your specific criteria during the evaluation process
  • Eliminate cognitive biases from your decision-making such as herd mentality and sunk cost bias

Never again operate without a clear selection process. Start making informed decisions about future allocations. It is time for you to discover those hidden gems on your team that will drive your fund to success.

Decision matrix logo

We’ll be launching the Decision Matrix App soon! Enter our Pilot Program to gain access to our industry templates for selecting managers or choosing investments and become one of the first users of the app.

  • Access the app and discover templates developed by industry veterans
  • Create a well-documented process for making decisions with our advisors
  • Score your managers or investments based on logical criteria

This offer is limited to only the first 100 participants! Sign up to get on the list for the new release.

Allocator Advisory: Fill in the Gaps

Consider us an extension of your team. Learn how you can expand your firm in the following areas of Investments and Operations:

  1. Talent Acquisition Process
  2. Investment Process
  3. Trading
  4. Compensation Process
  5. Legal and Compliance
  6. Human Resources Process
  7. Fund Raising
  8. Investor Relations
  9. Technology
  10. Taxes and Accounting
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Due Diligence Investments

Portfolio Management

Before you can begin to differentiate yourself from your competition, you must generate returns with the smartest and most strategic portfolio of individual investments possible. Developing policies for constructing and managing risk-adjusted portfolios that generate positive returns is your North Star.

Idea Generation

Your success in building a high-performing, diversified portfolio is entirely incumbent on generating new ideas. Developing a process to uncover new, innovative, and unique investment opportunities is an ongoing challenge, but once you’ve mastered it, you immediately set yourself apart from other funds.

Value Added Research

What exactly is the value proposition you are selling to investors? Your competitive advantage in picking investments. We’ll help you expand and streamline the methods you use to conduct thorough and compliant research through process improvements and quantifiable decision-making techniques.

Risk Management

Risk is an ongoing challenge you must not only identify in your firm, but seek to mitigate. Your methods, how you articulate those to investors, and your ability to effectively control risks specific to your asset class will help you build trust with your clients.  

Data Science

Data: It can undermine the entire investment process if it lacks integrity or quality. Let us help you implement cost-effective approaches to data vendors.


Avenues for trade execution, particularly technology innovators, are constantly evolving and have a direct impact on your ability to source liquidity, achieve best execution, and generate alpha. How you manage the trading process is critically important to investors and regulators.


In recent years, the number of SEC cases and enforcement actions related to firm research and investment practices has increased. Control measures are crucial to ensure that you are meeting all legal and regulatory requirements, particularly in relation to material non-public information and the use of expert networks. The goal: to protect your firm from costly violations.

Talent Acquisition

The PM manages two portfolios: People and investments. By far, the most important portfolio is the team, but leaders often struggle to invest time in creating a cohesive unit by establishing a process for hiring, compensation, performance measurement, and termination.

Icons for Benefits cards

Talent Acquisition Services

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Talent Acquisition Process Training

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Talent Acquisition Software

Due Diligence Operations

Fund Raising

Capital-raising is one of the most daunting tasks that any firm faces. There are effective ways you can position your team for success in raising assets and securing investors, while making sure you comply with all marketing and distribution requirements.

Investor Relations

Your ability to effectively communicate with investors is critical in fostering long-lasting relationships with them. Referrals only come from well-informed and satisfied clients, so they are your best marketing tool.

Legal & Compliance

Set a tone-at-the-top commitment to compliance by establishing processes and control measures that help your firm prevent legal trouble and regulatory violations. Establish these processes from inception so you can focus on success and avoid unwarranted outside scrutiny.

Taxes & Accounting

Whether you process records in-house or outsource them, you need to have a system in place to oversee the accounting, financial reporting, annual audit, and tax preparation requirements of the fund and its clients. The accuracy of your books and records is critical to daily operations as well as your contact with clients and regulatory agencies.

Technology Infrastructure

Set your team up for productivity by ensuring they have the tools and technology they need for success, whether they’re working remotely or in-office.


The number of cybersecurity attacks continues to steadily rise. Guard your firm’s data against the ongoing threat of cyberattacks, identity theft, and system outages.


Get support determining your software needs for key functions, including portfolio accounting, trade order management, compliance, performance measurement, and client reporting. Arootah advisors provide guidance in these areas and others to help you determine what is most efficient and cost-effective. We focus on solutions that help you meet your needs today and as you grow.

Family Office

Meeting the wealth, tax, asset, and liability management needs of the principal(s) and their estates requires specialized attention. Protecting the interests of the firm’s owner(s) ensures their peace of mind and business continuity. Learn about our Family Office Advisory.

Trade Operations

To ensure the accurate and timely processing of transactions, it’s crucial to design a risk-mitigating workflow to manage the full life cycle of a trade—order entry, execution, allocation, settlement, and reconciliation. Errors cost firms money and may damage their reputations.

Management Company

The ability to forecast and budget the financial accounting and tax preparation needs of the ownership entity ensures the entity meets cash, treasury, and management reporting requirements. Understanding the financial condition of the business is critical to principal(s), partner(s), outside financial stakeholders, and investors.


A business cannot function without the proper behind-the-scenes support, resources, and services. Don’t ignore the importance of an efficient and cost-effective infrastructure to meet the ongoing needs of your clients and employees.

Human Resources

Focus on your most important resource—human capital—by establishing and implementing procedures for talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, training and professional development, and benefits. Employee dissatisfaction and turnover cost organizations valuable time and money.

Operational Risk

Manage the operational risk of the firm, ensuring processes are in place to identify the impact and probability of risk occurrence. Pinpoint mitigation strategies to ensure positive outcomes.

Ready to Connect with an Advisor?

Book a free strategy call to determine the advisory services best suited for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your clients, and what do you do for them?

Our clients come from hedge funds, family offices, wealth management firms, asset management firms, and financial institutions but our consulting capabilities expand beyond those industries. Our advisors carefully assess how they currently operate across all functional areas and identify where gaps exist.

What kind of “success” do you help clients achieve?

We go far beyond business success. Depending on where you want to improve, our team supports businesses and individuals to accomplish their most ambitious goals, including:

  • Expanding operations
  • Maximizing returns
  • Leveraging resources
  • Refocusing talents
  • Pursuing exciting opportunities
  • Raising more capital
  • Exploring new ventures

How does Arootah Business Consulting improve the corporate environment?

There are measurable impacts of business consulting, such as improved efficiencies, fewer mistakes, reduction of costly errors, and increased revenues. Research has shown businesses that leverage the involvement of subject matter experts in various functional areas see improved productivity.

Will I receive a business strategy?

Yes…Arootah advisors are eager to provide you with a strategy that works! They’re committed to helping you optimize your business plan, find the best tactics, and support you during implementation. Business consulting services are perfect for those looking to grow a business or better market their products.

Where does Arootah Business Consulting take place?

We’re 100% online so we can easily connect with you whenever it’s most convenient for you. The program is safe, secure, and confidential. Our clients and consultants are working hard to make incredible things happen. Protecting your trade secrets, intellectual property, and personal information is a top priority.

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