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Optimizing Rewards for Attraction and Retention

In the high-stakes world of alternative investments, Arootah recognizes that a well-structured compensation strategy is not just a perk—it’s a necessity. Our Compensation Services are rooted in the understanding that properly acknowledging and incentivizing top talent is crucial for attraction and retention, and is therefore a necessity of long term success.

At the core of our services is comprehensive market analysis. Whether for new hires or evaluating current employees, our approach is thorough and data-driven. We utilize industry surveys and insights from our network of compensation experts to deliver accurate, up-to-date compensation benchmarks. This information is vital for firms to ensure they remain competitive and fair in their compensation offerings.

As trusted partners in excellence, we uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism. Our team’s deep expertise in the alternative asset management sector allows us to provide guidance and recommendations that are both insightful and pragmatic.

Reasons for Getting Compensation Right

Avoiding Overpayment and Underpayment

One of the critical challenges is ensuring that compensation is neither excessively high nor disappointingly low. Overpaying, due to a lack of market understanding, can lead to unsustainable financial commitments and an imbalance in the firm’s compensation structure. On the other hand, underpaying staff can be equally detrimental. It risks losing top talent, which carries enormous costs, both in direct financial terms and in lost productivity, knowledge, and morale.

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The High Cost of Losing Top Talent

The departure of a key employee can be costly, not just financially but also in terms of the disruption it causes. There are tangible costs like recruitment, training, and the time it takes for new hires to reach full productivity. Additionally, there are intangible impacts, such as the effect on team morale and the loss of institutional knowledge and client relationships.

Impact on Morale and Culture

An underpaid workforce can lead to a decline in morale, affecting the overall culture of a firm. Employees who feel undervalued are less likely to be engaged and productive, which can ripple through the organization, affecting performance and client satisfaction.


Compensation Analysis for Individuals

Our services begin with a thorough Compensation Analysis for individuals. This is crucial when making attractive offers to potential hires, ensuring that the compensation is competitive and in line with industry standards. Equally important is analyzing the compensation of current employees. We help firms pay their staff fairly, or more than fairly, acknowledging the significant cost and implications of replacing top talent. This individual-focused analysis is key in fostering a satisfied and loyal workforce.

Firm-Level Compensation Strategies

Beyond individual analysis, Arootah excels in devising comprehensive compensation strategies and plans at the organizational level. We utilize our access to industry surveys and our network of compensation experts to develop strategies that align with both market trends and the firm’s specific goals. This holistic approach ensures that compensation structures across the firm are not only competitive but also reflect the organization’s values and objectives.

In conclusion, Arootah’s Compensation Services are more than just a consultancy offering. They are a strategic tool that alternative asset managers can leverage to maintain a motivated and committed workforce. Our approach ensures that clients not only attract but also retain their most valuable employees, thanks to a compensation strategy that is both competitive and equitable. By partnering with us, clients can be assured of compensation strategies that are not only aligned with industry standards but are also tailored to their unique organizational culture and goals.

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