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Business Development: Nurturing Growth at Every Stage

Ditch the hurdles, focus on strategy. Arootah empowers funds at all stages with expert guidance and bespoke tools.

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Business Development Services

Arootah’s Business Development suite is a comprehensive array of services designed to support the growth and evolution of funds at all stages – from emerging managers to mature entities. Recognizing the diverse needs across these stages, our services are tailored to address specific challenges and leverage opportunities in each phase.

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Summary of Services

Our Business Development services cater to a wide range of needs:

  • Outsourcing Services: Expert Fractional Consultants for Diverse Functional Areas: Offering strategic support through access to a broad spectrum of experts in various functional areas, crucial for funds at different stages.
  • Business Development Best Practice Reviews: To refine and elevate the business development strategies of funds at various stages.
  • SaaS Product: The Business Development Manager: To enhance the effectiveness of business development campaigns through structured planning and execution..
  • Masterclass: Business Development Principles: 10-Week Course: To equip emerging and established fund managers with essential business development skills.

Arootah’s Business Development services are not just about addressing immediate needs but also about fostering growth, efficiency, and success throughout the fund’s journey. From aiding emerging managers in foundational growth to supporting mature funds in maintaining their market position, Arootah stands as a pillar of expertise and support in the dynamic world of fund management.

Target Audience

Arootah’s Tailored Support for Every Stage: Your Fund’s Growth Partner

1. Emerging Managers:

Key priorities for emerging managers involve raising capital and establishing robust infrastructure. Often, these are areas outside the core competencies of fund managers.

2. For Middle-Stage Funds:

As funds transition from their early stages, the focus shifts to sustaining growth and scaling operations.

3. Mature Funds:

Funds often need to diversify their strategies and ensure long-term sustainability.

4. All Stages:

We recognize that each fund has unique needs and challenges, and our approach is always tailored to meet these specific requirements.

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Arootah executive coaching subscriptions

Selecting and performing due diligence on fund managers can be daunting. Should you prioritize their previous performance or their grit?

Use our Decision Matrix App as a vetting process for allocators to analyze managers, ensuring that investments continue to perform. The app enables you to gain accountability and oversight for your decisions.

Improve your decision-making skills and judgment by mitigating cognitive biases like herd mentality. Discover those hidden gems and the next best managers.

  • Include our top 10 criteria allocators need to recommend investment fund managers

  • Customize the criteria to make decisions satisfying your firm’s specific needs

  • Sort a roster of the top 10 managers

  • Comparing managers against each other

Never again operate unwittingly, and start making informed decisions about future allocations.

The arootah decision manager app

The Fundraising Principles: Optimizing Strategies for Enhanced Fundraising

“The Fundraising Principles” is a comprehensive guide designed to equip fund managers, particularly in the alternative investment sector, with essential fundraising skills and knowledge. This book is structured to guide readers through the complexities of fundraising at various stages of a fund’s lifecycle.