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The Arootah Organizational Chart

Meet our team of experts, dedicated to helping your organization achieve its goals.

Arootah is a team of experienced professionals with a wide range of skills and expertise. We are committed to working with our clients to develop and implement customized strategies that help them reach their peak performance.

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The Arootah Team

Rich B
Founder and CEO of Arootah


Lauren B
Director of Coaching

Amy T
Director of Executive & Leadership Coaching

Anthony M
Director of Sales – Coaching

Christina L
Coaching Administrative Officer

Debbie C
Coach Program Manager

Bob Q
Senior Coaching Advisor

Nadia M
Coaching Advisor

Amanda D
Executive Assistant

Pamela M
Remote Work Advisor

May Anne C
Virtual Assistant

Hedge Fund/Family Office:

Martin T
Director of Business Advisory

Nicole C
Director of Sales – Advisory

Etan W
Director of Due Diligence

Mark Q
Senior Advisor, Capital Raising

Bobbie-Anne L
Executive Assistant


Owen L
Director of Talent Acquisition

Ashley L
Human Resources

Keith M
Talent Acquisition Consultant

Sara K
Junior Recruitment Consultant


Mariele M
Brand Marketing

Melissa T
Director of Communications

Robin B
Marketing Advisor

Natassha S
Market Researcher

Nova A
Virtual Assistant

Racquel Q
Virtual Assistant

Software Development:

Jeffrey A
Director of Software Development

Raed M
Director of Technology

Luther N
Tech Project Manager

Eric A
Full Stack Engineer

Farhan S
VBA Developer

Stephen Brikk L
R&D Assistant

Precious T
VBA Developer


Anand K

Hovannes Y
UI/UX Designer

Mia M
UI/IX Designer

Muhammad M
Frontend Developer

Andreja T
Business Analyst

Dean E
App Copy

Laraib F
Automation QA


Rodney J
Chief Technology Officer

Eric W
Admin Tech


Diana P
Chief Administrative Officer

Corilou H
Director of Project Management


Matt H
Corporate Finance


Ariane H
Director of Content

Delaney R
Content Writer

Holly R
Content Writer

MaryAnn B
Copy Editor

Kasey P
Content Advisor

Social Media:

Shayla K
Social Media & Content Manager

Vivien Z
Social Media Consultant


Adrienne F
Director of Corporate Wellness

Elaine M
Director of Wellness Relations

Alana Rose S
Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Colleen B
Yoga Instructor

Rich J
Fitness Trainer

Mackenzie K
Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Dr. Sean C
Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Advisor

Dr. Lawrence E
Meditation Advisor


Don C
Website Administrator

Matthew B
Metaverse Specialist

Maria G
UX Designer

Loieto T
Website Developer

Amritpal K
Website Developer

Sid T
Website QA


Kim L
Creative Director

Jack S
Video Content Producer

Omar B
Graphic Designer

Lycia T
Events/Product Graphic Designer

Kseniya B
Graphic Designer

Terease E
Graphic Designer

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