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Speaking Engagements

Our webinars, seminars, and workshops offer practical strategies for leadership, work culture, goal-setting, energy optimization and more to help you execute results-driven actions.

Corporate Speaking Topics

Arootah Speaking Engagements offer actionable strategies for leadership, work culture, goal-setting, and energy optimization to motivate your team to achieve greater success. Whether your team wants to earn more business, accomplish work/life goals, or adopt healthier habits, our events provide the roadmap.


We focus on key issues that affect us all: mindset, time, energy, discipline, and focus.


We take our direction from you, focusing specifically on what your team needs most.

Whether you’re looking to win more business, develop a fulfilling career, or secure vibrant health, our speaking events provide the roadmap to get there.

Book one of our seminars to finally take the first step in accomplishing your most challenging goals.

Mindset of a Leader

Time Management

Decision Making




Project Planning

Prioritizing and Procrastination

Mindset of a Leader


Time Management


Decision Making

Project Planning


Prioritizing and Procrastination


 On behalf of our Private Bank, thank you very much for the excellent presentation to our team. There were numerous, wonderful takeaways for all of us to consider. Thanks for sharing your terrific advice!


Ida L.

Citibank CEO of Private Bank North America

Remote Work Leadership Seminar

 I’m amazed by what I was able to accomplish in a night! I enjoyed both the philosophy behind the topics as well as the practical breakout room workshops proctored by his coaches. The prioritization process was especially valuable. Looking forward to taking this “blueprint” and executing it. Using some of the accountability strategies he taught me as well!


Maria D.

Chief Operating Officer

Hedge and Private Equity Fund

 I really enjoyed and got a lot of very practical and useful information from the Master Plan workshop. Especially the Master Plan itself! I was pleasantly surprised at how Rich’s process made it so easy to set so many goals and come up with actions to achieve them in such a short period of time. Thanks!


H. Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Family Office

 Thank you so, so much for hosting! We’ve gotten great feedback. I personally got a lot out of it, and I know everyone loved the effort you made to specifically put in our pictures, quotes, etc. Additionally, this workbook is a super valuable resource. I’m sure everyone will take some time to work with it now and in the future. It’s always good to have something to take away from virtual events.



Fixed Income Prime Brokerage and Clearing
Global Markets Investment Banking

Leadership Seminar

 Rich clearly put deep thought into this workshop. Rich and the Arootah team’s thoughtful process makes it easy to apply the principles he is teaching. Practical application is clearly a hallmark of his process and it is clear that Rich’s strategies from years of experience in the industry are being shared in a way that makes them accessible to us all. Thanks!


Chris H.

Head of Global Financing Services

Investment Bank

 I loved the workbooks! They are important because they encourage you to take notes and write out your goals and thoughts. I liked that you said, “If you don’t write it in your calendar it isn’t real.” The same applies to the seminar. People will remember more if they are encouraged to write down their thoughts and reflect on their lives.



Life Coach

Time Management Seminar

 Setting goals and creating plans to achieve them with Rich really inspired me to take advantage of more opportunities than I had realized. Execution is the even harder part and it’s been great to have Rich and his team by my side every step of the way. Thanks!


Peter B.

Portfolio Manager

Hedge Fund

 Thank you very much. The team was really impressed, so let’s see if they take action now. I will be monitoring their energy levels.



Managing Director of North America
Head Alternatives Investment Banking

Energy Optimization Seminar

 Thanks for your inspirational presentation. It truly helped kick off our Global Sales Meeting. It gave our team a framework to shift their mindset, believe, listen, and focus in a new way.



Chief Commercial Officer
Gaming and Recreation Company

Goal Setting Seminar

Previous Corporate Seminar, Webinar,
and Workshop Topics

Time Management

We all have the same 24-hour day, yet some achieve more than others. We’ll dive deep into the power of time management, through simple principles that transform the way you think and execute.

Rich Bello, $10 billion hedge fund founder and COO of Blue Ridge Capital, shares how leveraging your time can lead to unprecedented success in achieving challenging goals.


  • Stop wasting time and energy on overnight success.
  • Prevent negative emotions and attitudes from stifling progress.
  • Transform limiting beliefs into empowering motivation that keeps you on track.


  • 1-1.5 hour keynote


Innovation stems from strong leadership. Discover the skills that drive growth, sales, and productivity. Embolden systematic, decisive leaders who are committed to collective success.

In this seminar, Blue Ridge Capital hedge fund founder, Rich Bello, uncovers the best leadership qualities he’s seen in over 25 years of working with C-suite executives.


  • Handle larger challenges that create new growth for your organization.
  • Eliminate cognitive bias that limits organizational success.
  • Become a solution-seeker who resourcefully remedies problems.


  • 2-6 hour seminar or workshop

Remote Work Culture

Even today, remote work is still haphazard and disconnected. Learn how to operate a highly productive virtual workforce that is just as cohesive as an in-person team. Establish specific goals to optimize productivity, camaraderie, and trust.

Apply the knowledge of Rich Bello, a hedge fund pioneer whose experience includes leading a team into multi-billion dollar success.


  • Leverage technology for more speed, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Create a win-win remote work environment of profitability, security, and loyalty.
  • Reduce distractions that plague remote workers.


  • 1-2 hour presentation

Energy Optimization

Do you lack energy, or feel exhausted by work and life? Learn how to continuously replenish yourself for energy abundance that fuels a demanding lifestyle. Learn how health and energy yield the greatest ROI on your time, productivity, and performance.

We discuss how to optimize your energy levels to achieve the goals that add meaning to your life.


  • Walk away with a master plan to optimize your health and energy.
  • Become the sole influencer of your health, through awareness and action.
  • Eliminate excuses that prevent you from being present, productive, and ambitious.


  • 0.5-2 hour workshop or seminar

Goal Setting

Why are people often unsuccessful, even with set goals? In this workshop, we optimize goal setting for all areas of life. Our focus is clarity, strategy, and accountability. Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Create a roadmap to success with our tried-and-true goal setting framework.

This seminar is perfect to help optimize the next 12 months, next quarter, or even granular daily tasks.


  • Prioritize your goals so you know exactly what to work on and when.
  • Create a personalized plan that maps out your best year on record.
  • Manage low priority items, motivation, and procrastination – common obstacles to success.


  • 1-2 hour workshop or seminar

Unsure which speaking event to share with your organization? Contact us for 1-on-1 assistance.

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