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Remote Work Advisory

Between COVID and the Great Resignation, the state of the workplace has drastically shifted. Are you evolving your remote work environment for long-term success? Learn habit-building skills to keep employees focused and productive, and the systems, policies, and procedures to help teams work efficiently and effectively.

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Setting Up Remote Teams to Thrive

As remote work environments became the status quo after COVID—and continue to be hampered by the “Great Resignation”—one thing remains certain: Leaders and companies need to evolve their M.O. to achieve long-term success. That means taking a look internally.

Arootah Remote Work Advisory services audit company operations and offer strategies to leverage global opportunities, ensure security, and manage resources for an efficient, productive remote work environment. We’ve helped leaders thrive through the precarious and unforeseen events of the last 25 years, and we’re here to support your organization, too.

Our Advisory service offers support for building an efficient remote work in the following areas:

  • Audits
  • Assessments
  • Remote Work Policies and Procedures
  • Training
  • Head of Remote

What is Proximity Bias—and How to Mitigate It

Individuals who are in proximity to you are physically close to you —and proximity bias champions those who are geographically closest. But to build a world-class workplace culture, it’s crucial to fight proximity bias: The most talented individuals may live or work in locations far apart.


Let our experts assess your firm’s ability to effectively manage a dispersed team. We evaluate your company’s operations for remote work efficiency and effectiveness.

Remote Work Policies and Procedures

Create custom policies and procedures to communicate remote expectations. We’ll establish your current operation, set goals and a plan to achieve thriving remote work.


To implement change, take strategic actions to improve your company’s culture from anywhere. Let us train your leaders on how to mitigate bias, and your teammates on how to communicate effectively.

Head of Remote

For ongoing support, contract a virtual/fractional Head of Remote as your in-house expert to set up systems, processes, and guide your team to work together just as well as in the office. Delegate building a remote culture of trust, collaboration, and community to the expert.

Your Untapped Potential Awaits

Kick off your company’s richest and most enriching hybrid or remote work culture with a complimentary 30-min call with one of our advisors. Tell us about your challenges. Our coaches can help you move forward. Fill in the quick intake form below to schedule your call.

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Improve Employee Health and Wellbeing

Bolstering your employee’s health and wellbeing is important — now more than ever. That includes yourself. Whether you want to stand out from behind your screen or better connect and collaborate with teammates, our remote work advisors help you and your team overcome challenges brought on by working remotely. Use Arooth’s time-tested 10-Step Success Formula to overcome energy drain, distraction, and time-wasting.