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Quick Start Guide

Goal manager app logo

Goal Manager App by Arootah

Welcome to the Goal-Setting Workshop for Analysts! We are thrilled to have you embark on a transformation journey. Follow these steps to register to get ready for the workshop. Registering should only take approximately 5 minutes but do so before the workshop if you need support. You can email us at

Step 1: Access the App

Visit our app’s website at (you can also create a bookmark for easy access.)

Step 2: Terms and Conditions

Read and agree to the terms and conditions. Scroll down, check the box, and click “Continue” to get started securely.

Terms and conditions image

Step 3: Sign Up with Email

Click on “Sign Up with Email” to create a new account.

Sign up with email image

Step 4: Create Your Account

Fill in your details and click on “Sign Up.” Note that you should write your email address in all lowercase.

Create your account image

Step 5: Navigate to the Goal Manager App

Once logged in, head to the left side of the screen and select the “Goal Manager” app. Explore our full suite of apps or request a demo if you’re curious about any.

Navigate to app image

Step 6: Choose Your Journey

Select the “Analyst Journey” to begin. This journey is tailored for your success, providing the content and insights you need to be a successful analyst.

Choose your journey image

Step 7: Get Started

You’ll receive 6 credits to get started. Each journey costs 1 credit. Click “Start” to begin the workshop!

Choose your journey image

Register before the workshop! Don’t forget to complete your registration early to ensure you can dive straight into the workshop. Need Assistance? If you encounter any issues, drop us an email at

We’ll ensure you’re all set before the workshop so you can make the most out of the experience.

Bring Your Device! For the optimal workshop experience, bring your laptop. However, our web app is also accessible on tablets and mobile devices.

Congratulations, you’re workshop ready! With your account created and your journey chosen, you can join the workshop and embark on a transformative experience. Thank you for choosing Goal Manager for your goal-setting journey. We can’t wait to see the incredible goals you’ll achieve!