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Blog > Chapter 4: Emotions – Positive and Negative

Chapter 4: Emotions – Positive and Negative

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STUDYING OUR EMOTIONS gives us a deeper insight into a powerful way to keep us on the path for the Prime Directive. We can now start to think of the Prime Directive as more something meaningful than just a survival program. Perhaps there is an even deeper meaning behind the Directive. Once we have conquered survival, our higher purpose is to be the best version of ourselves.

Presumably, that would mean that we are living a profoundly fulfilling and prosperous life. Our mental state would be at its highest peak, and that’s also in line with our guideposts. This would result in long-term fulfillment instead of short-term, infrequent bouts of pleasure. Or, ideally, both! This would likely mean that we are living a life of purpose. That we have found our own unique calling.

Remember that the Prime Directive is to propagate the species, not just our own lives. When we are living our highest purpose, we are giving back to others a uniquely personal gift. We are living a life filled with passion and are consistently in a flow state. Sounds good?

Well, to get there, we need to study our emotions because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that our emotional states are the key to the quality of life. In other words, the quality of our lives is determined by the emotions that we feel consistently. We can have all of the money, relationships, and materials possessions in the world, but if we live in negative emotional states all of the time, the quality of our lives, well, sucks! That said, we should learn to appreciate these negative states as their intention is for our own best interests.

We may not have always been happy with our parents, but we knew deep down that their intentions were for our best interests. It’s the same with our emotions. The intention is there. Like our parents, though, they may be well-meant but not always right. We need to judge for ourselves if the meanings and messages of our emotions are correct, and if so, we need to heed their advice. If not, we need to change the meaning and message to one that best serves us. Let’s review the purpose of emotions.

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