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Upgrade Your Business and Career with a Mission Statement

A mission statement shouldn't just sound compelling. It should light a fire and drive action. Here is how to write one.
Upgrade Your Business and Career With a Mission Statement

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You know that you want more out of your career and/or your business. But what exactly do you want? You can’t just say you want “more” because “more” is relative to you and your values. What does “more” mean to you? For your business, you probably want more clients, investors, and opportunities. For your career you probably want a larger network, better work/life balance, and higher paying roles. You have purpose, so light a fire under yourself with a powerfully written mission statement.

What is a mission statement? Companies will often develop a mission statement to embody the core identity of their organization. It creates a sense of unity and acts as the basis for making decisions. In essence, it becomes the compass that drives the company toward its ultimate purpose.

There is evidence to back up the benefits of having a mission statement. In terms of boosting morale, employees become 27% more likely to stay at a company when it has goals outside of profit margin. These goals are explicitly laid out in a mission statement. Aligning with a passion is a major motivator for many people. In fact, 38% of American employees desire a job that aligns with their interests and passions. Across the board, a strong sense of work culture is deemed essential for individual happiness. While you know that you want more out of your career and business, writing down your mission statement is how you can focus on what you want and get the results you crave.

“Where focus goes, energy flows. And where energy flows, whatever you’re focusing on grows. In other words, your life is controlled by what you focus on. That’s why you need to focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear. When you next find yourself in a state of uncertainty, resist your fear. Shift your focus toward where you want to go and your actions will take you in that direction.”

— Tony Robbins

Let’s take a look at how you can start crafting these mission statements in your career and/or business.

What You Need to Develop a Mission Statement

Before you start developing a mission statement, you must have a clear understanding of its ingredients. Basically, know the primary reasons for making your mission statement. Your written mission statement should be a summary of the purpose of your career and/or business. Get curious about what exactly that is. The most successful people and companies in the world know their mission and it is written down for all employees to see.

Now that you’ve gotten curious about the purpose of your career and/or business, you’re ready to dig deeper and ask yourself some probing questions about your mission.

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Ask Yourself Informative Questions

As you get more curious about the purpose of your career and/or business, you’ll find yourself digging deeper to uncover your primary motivators and values. Here are some questions that you’ll want to consider:


  • What are you passionate about?
  • How do other people describe you?
  • Who are your heroes, and what do you admire about them?
  • What do you want to accomplish?

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  • What is the nature of your services or products?
  • How are you different from competitors?
  • Why did you create this business?
  • Who is the business serving?

It’s critical to identify your strongest values because your mission statement will not serve your purpose if it doesn’t align with your values. In truth, you won’t ever feel truly fulfilled if you’re following a mission statement that doesn’t bring your values to life.

Look for Examples to Get Inspired

When forming your mission statement, it’s helpful to look at examples from people or companies you find inspiring. Think about how you answered the informative questions you asked yourself. What people or organizations would answer similarly?

Here are some examples you might find inspiring:

  • LinkedIn: “To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”
  • Tesla: “To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”
  • TED: “To spread ideas.”

If you want to leave a similar legacy as the people you look up to, draw on their mission statements to form your own. When you see their examples in writing, you’ll start to get a grasp of what’s really important to you or your business. You’ll find that your personal or business mission statement acts as a compass that can guide your actions, so they always align with your beliefs.

The Bottom Line

While you know that you want more out of your career and/or business, writing down your mission statement is how you can focus on what you want and get the results you crave. Use this mission statement as a way to drive you towards the ultimate purpose.

There is so much power behind developing a mission statement, and we’ve only scratched the surface. Feel like diving deeper? Download The 10 Step Arootah Success Formula eBook to learn more about how to live your life’s mission. Find it here for free!



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