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Blog > 8 Ayurvedic Habits to Cultivate This Fall

8 Ayurvedic Habits to Cultivate This Fall

A health coach and Ayurvedic practitioner shares her top tips to weave into your wellness routine this fall.

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The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to re-evaluate your wellness routine. If you’ve been following the same self-care ritual for a while or it’s no longer spiritually igniting you in the way it once did, consider looking to the natural practices of Ayurveda for a change in routine.

Many people (including us here at Arootah) have found that a holistic approach to wellness helps nourish and balance their minds, bodies, and spirits for improved well-being and productivity, and increased joy.

To help you incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your wellness routine this fall, we’ve asked health coach, Ayurvedic practitioner, and Arootah’s Director of Wellness, Elaine Moen, to share some of her top tips.

What Is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda originated in India thousands of years ago. The term is derived from the Sanskrit words ayur (meaning life) and veda (meaning science or knowledge). This science of life is based on the principle that disease results from an imbalance in a person’s consciousness. Thus, practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine seek to restore balance and eliminate stress from their lives.

8 Ways to Practice Ayurveda this Fall

If you’re looking to practice embodying this balance in your own life, Moen suggests you start here this fall:

1. Explore a Mono Diet

The Mono diet is an Ayurvedic practice you can use to transition into a new season. Some people use this diet as a way to detox their system for a day or two at a time.

“Fall is the Vata Season (air + ether). This is a great time of year to eat a mono diet, which involves eating a singular item or food group for a few days at a time,” says Moen. “This helps to restore a sense of calm to the mind and nervous system. It can also improve energy and sleep cycles. As we transition from a hot and humid summer, it’s possible to experience a bit of variability.”

2. Nourish Your Body with Foods High in Fat and Protein

Adding some foods with more substance into your diet is an excellent way to transition into cooler weather. Eating more fat and protein can supply you with long-lasting sources of energy that keep you fuller, longer. Many fall dishes are high in fats and proteins, such as soups and stews.

Moen suggests eating warm, cooked foods high in fat and quality protein, including those with sweet, sour, and salty tastes.

3. Flavor Your Food with Warm Spices

In cooking, there are cool spices and warm spices. As the fall weather turns colder, Moen recommends incorporating more warm spices into your food, such as coriander, ginger, cardamon, allspice, and cloves. Warm spices pair well with root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, beets, and turnips.

4. Establish a Grounding Daily Routine

“Practice a daily routine or implement daily rituals that help to ground you [in the present],” she says. “Incorporate massage oils [into your daily routine] to prevent the skin from drying too much. Yoga and meditation are wonderful.”

Being grounded is both a mental and spiritual discipline. When you are grounded, you feel relaxed, present, and at peace with where you are. It helps you to take things in stride and better appreciate the environment surrounding you.

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5. Embrace Autumnal Colors

Have you ever wondered why seeing fall colors makes you feel happy? Watching the leaves change colors can help you lower stress, inspire you, and make you feel safe and comfortable.

So, Moen says, why not embody those colors through your wardrobe? Wearing autumn colors is an excellent way to create those feelings of comfort and embrace the season.

6. Cozy up with a Cup of Warm Tea

Who doesn’t enjoy curling up on the couch on a cool fall day with a piping mug of tea?

“Warm herbal teas like ginger, licorice, cumin, coriander and fennel are best this time of year,” Moen explains.

Swapping coffee for tea in your routine can be another way to help you stay grounded, relaxed, and mindful.

7. Swap Grounding Exercises into Your Fitness Routine

Movement is a wonderful way for you to reconnect with your body as well as nature, your breath, and whatever else grounds you in the present.

Moen says she specifically enjoys walking, hiking, and yoga as grounding exercises.

Since Ayurveda is about the mind, body, and spirit, you should also consider making it a habit to set an intention every time you exercise.

8. Seek Out Stability

Even though fall is a time when we change many of our routines, it’s also a good time to slow down and find stability. Take notice of what rituals, activities, or practices help you feel grounded in the present and stable. Lean into and nurture those.

The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to adopt your wellness routine to the fall season and optimize your health habits, book a free coaching call with one of Arootah’s health coaches to see how we can help you reach your goals.

Disclaimer: This article is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be and should not be taken as professional medical, psychological, legal, investment, financial, accounting, or tax advice. Arootah does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or suitability of its content for a particular purpose. Please do not act or refrain from acting based on anything you read in our newsletter, blog or anywhere else on our website.

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