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Blog > Is Chlorophyll Worth the Hype?

Is Chlorophyll Worth the Hype?

Chlorophyll has been around for decades, so why are influencers and celebrities hyping it up now? Here's what we now know.
Is Chlorophyll Worth the Hype?

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While chlorophyll water and supplements have been around for years, you’ve probably noticed their sudden rise in popularity. This is in large part due to social media platforms, notably TikTok. As a result, chlorophyll sales are spiking as influencers are enthusiastically showing off their green-tinted waters, and celebrities are talking about the benefits to their skin and digestion. But is it worth all the hype? Although chlorophyll water may seem like a temporary trend, it has an excellent track record of success.

What is chlorophyll?

A term that may sound familiar from science class, chlorophyll allows plants to absorb sunlight while turning it into food (photosynthesize). It truly is remarkable, a tiny, minuscule particle that can transmute light into energy allowing the plants to survive. While there are undoubtedly benefits of chlorophyll within the plant kingdom, these benefits translate into advantages for the human body.

6 benefits of chlorophyll water

  1. Oral hygiene

Since ancient Egyptian times, people have controlled their body odor and bad breath with chlorophyll. A chewing gum brand from the ’50s, Clorets, used the active ingredient to maintain fresh breath and oral hygiene. A more recognized brand, Excel, makes a gum that is chlorophyll-enhanced. You may also similarly spot chlorophyll in many types of mouthwash and toothpaste. If used regularly, any form of chlorophyll could help with reducing bad breath.

  1. Digestion

Numerous claims are supporting the concept that chlorophyll helps with digestion. Chlorophyll is said to promote consistent bowel movements and encourage elimination. It could also stimulate digestion and encourage healthy muscle contractions, relieving blockages and waste within the intestines. In addition, it supports healthy digestion and body odor because the odor-causing bacterias are gone before they have time to affect the body and breath.

  1. Nutrition

Not only is chlorophyll naturally high in magnesium (you can read about the numerous benefits of magnesium here), but it is also high in antioxidants, protecting against free radicals. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is an abundance of nutrition and a powerhouse of wellness, all in a tiny package.

For added benefits, try getting your chlorophyll naturally from wheatgrass (it contains 70%). There are countless vitamins and minerals in wheatgrass, such as iron, selenium, zinc, b-complex, and many enzymes. You get the abundant benefits that chlorophyll has to offer, plus a lot more.

  1. Alkaline

Chlorophyll is an alkaline substance that strengthens your resistance to demineralization (which is caused by excessive acidity). It can aid in finding a proper PH balance within the body when used in conjunction with a healthy diet. When the body is too acidic, it can cause fatigue and accelerate the aging process. Alkaline diets may also support stronger, thicker hair, nails, and tooth enamel.

  1. Weight management

Though there isn’t enough factual information to say that it aids in weight loss, because of the rate at which chlorophyll helps you absorb oxygen into your cells, your metabolic rate could increase slightly. This occurrence could also help to curb appetite, which could result in weight loss. You feel less likely to overeat or indulge excessively in high sugar foods when you are satiated. Combined with a healthy balanced diet and exercise, chlorophyll could support your desire to lose weight or stay fit, especially if you ingest it naturally with fiber-rich foods like parsley, spinach, or kale.

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  1. Detox

There are claims that chlorophyll reinforces healthy cells and improves overall immune function. Chlorophyll can inhibit toxins from absorbing into the intestinal tract and stop cancer cells from multiplying due to certain phytochemical compounds. It also possesses the ability to increase blood flow which allows for more rapid flushing of toxins. In addition, chlorophyll binds to heavy metals and helps eliminate them from the body. As toxins diminish and blood flow strengthens, the skin may appear more radiant and acne-free.

How to ingest chlorophyll

Look to ingest chlorophyll in its most natural state. Food that is green throughout tends to have a high density of chlorophyll. Raw veggies are better than cooked as the heat leeches some of the chlorophyll out. Try incorporating cold press green juices into your daily routine. Wheatgrass juice, powder, or tablets, as well as chlorella and spirulina, are all excellent sources of this miracle green substance. Try adding them to your shakes and smoothies for an accelerated health boost. You can even try making your own chlorophyll concentrate using parsley. Check out this chlorophyll recipe here! The closer food is to direct sun energy, the more potent and life-giving it is.

There is the possibility that natural chlorophyll may not withstand the digestion process long enough to be used and absorbed by the body. That is why supplements have gained such rapid popularity. If you are looking to add a boost to your diet, these are more potent ways to get your chlorophyll fix. It is easy to drink chlorophyll water over plain water. To offset the “green” taste, add a squeeze of organic lemon. Though chlorophyll itself is entirely natural, the liquified version (combined with water) is a semi-synthetic compound referred to as chlorophyllin.

Some people think supplements are better than ingesting it naturally through food. Chlorophyllin is derived from chlorophyll and contains copper rather than magnesium to make it water-soluble and more easily absorbed. This semi-synthetic derivation gives the body access to the plethora of advantages it carries. However, it is not certain that chlorophyll or its synthetic counterpart is entirely bioavailable to the body.

Typically, for these subtle supplements to work, you must continuously ingest them for an extended period of time. The effects may not be drastic but could be long-lasting if you sustain consumption in your daily diet. Although the benefits of chlorophyll are readily evident, research is still lacking. Some people notice benefits for themselves, and others are not so sure. The only way to truly know if chlorophyll works for you is to try it yourself.

The bottom line

Although chlorophyll water may seem like a temporary trend, it actually has an excellent track record of success. The jury is still out over the best way to ingest chlorophyll. Whether chlorophyll water is a fad or here to stay, it’s worth a try. Generally, the most effective health tips are lasting practices. When something works for you, share the information to keep the tradition alive.

Let us know your experience with taking chlorophyll. Any unexpected benefits or surprises?


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