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12 Essential Habits to Adopt for a Successful Summer

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Don’t reserve habit-building for the New Year’s resolution rush. Summer’s sunny days are a perfect backdrop for nurturing new, life-enhancing habits that will carry you through the year.

Summer might seem like a time for leisure rather than achievement, with vacations and festivities potentially derailing your goals. But keeping up momentum in your personal and professional development is crucial. Leverage the season’s generous daylight, pleasant climate, and relaxed work pace as opportunities for growth by cultivating these 12 empowering habits.

1. Wake Up an Hour Earlier

As the sun rises earlier, consider doing the same. Make the most of that extra daylight and get up with the sun, using the additional time in the morning to increase your productivity, whether you’re learning new professional development skills, seeking career growth opportunities, or simply hoping to get in an early morning workout.

2. Utilize Antidistraction Technology

Embrace anti-distraction technology this summer to sharpen your focus and boost productivity during a season when diversions are plentiful. By utilizing apps designed to block social media and halt endless scrolling through friends’ vacation snaps, you can redirect precious time toward more meaningful pursuits. You may discover a new hobby or simply develop a habit of trying new things regularly.

3.  Drink Half Your Body Weight in Ounces of Water

Adequate hydration is essential, but it’s crucial during the warm months when high temperatures can increase dehydration. Assess your hydration levels; if you need more, make a conscious effort to drink water consistently. Reaping the rewards of improved concentration, enhanced skin vitality, better digestion, and a surge in energy is well within your reach. For those who aren’t fond of plain water, infuse it with a twist of flavor by incorporating mint, chlorophyll, or lemon.

4. Spend Time in Nature

If you typically find yourself cooped up inside, let the extended daylight and warm temperatures of summer inspire a shift. Make a habit of spending at least 20 minutes outside daily, whether it’s a brisk stroll along the beach or a leisurely walk in the forest. The benefits of connecting with nature are profound, offering an uplift in mood, a reduction in stress, and a boost in creative thinking. UC Davis Health also highlights that time spent in nature can heighten joy, sharpen focus, enhance problem-solving skills, improve sleep quality, and diminish the likelihood of depression and anxiety.

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5. Go on Evening Walks

Similarly, capitalize on the additional daylight and pleasant weather to increase your daily step count. Consider cultivating a habit of post-work strolls during the extended evening light when it would typically be dark. These walks benefit your physical health, serve as an excellent stress reliever, and help you wind down after work.

6. Take a Professional Development Course

During the summer slowdown, when projects taper off and many colleagues are away, seize the opportunity to prioritize your career advancement. Use this quieter period to broaden your professional network and delve into career growth opportunities, such as building your skills in a professional development course. This strategic use of time can be instrumental in propelling your career forward come autumn.

7. Wear SPF

If you don’t already have a habit of wearing sunscreen daily, summer is the perfect season to develop this habit. Protecting your skin with sunscreen every day, regardless of the duration you expect to be exposed to the sun is essential.For extended outdoor activities, consider opting for a higher SPF and complementing your skin protection with sun-safe clothing.

8. Read One Chapter a Day

Maximize your morning by diving into the world of books. Commit to reading at least one chapter each day. Craft a summer reading list of business literature that provides fresh insights and groundbreaking concepts.

9. Participate in Seasonal Exercise

Revitalize your fitness regimen by stepping out of the gym and embracing the summer warmth. Incorporate seasonal activities like swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, or beach volleyball to make the most of the sunny climate.

10. Work on a Passion Project

Another good use of your extra time this summer is engaging in a passion project. What project have you always wanted to pick up but have not had time for? Pick something that aligns with your interests and harnesses your creativity. You may discover a new hobby or simply develop a habit of trying new things regularly.

11. Visit the Farmer’s Market

Make a weekly habit of visiting your local farmer’s market to shop for local, seasonal, and fresh produce. Not only will you enjoy the health benefits of freshly sourced food, but you’ll also be supporting your local economy. Want to add an exercise component to this activity? Consider visiting your local farm to see what’s available to pick on your own.

12. Take Your Meetings Outdoors

Gather your team outdoors for a walking or outdoor meeting. For those working remotely, encourage participation from outdoor spaces like backyards or balconies. The fresh air and natural light will surely be a refreshing boost for everyone involved.

The Bottom Line

The summer habits suggested above are beneficial for your well-being and productivity and are genuinely pleasurable. Establishing these practices can help you make the most of the slower summer pace while setting the stage for lasting benefits that extend past the season.

For help cultivating these new habits and staying on track with your current ones, download the Arootah Habit Coach app.

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