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Blog > 6 Ways that Anger Positively Impacts Your Life

6 Ways that Anger Positively Impacts Your Life

Arootah's 6 Ways that Anger Positively Impacts Your Life

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Anger has a bad reputation. For many, it holds negative connotations. Anger is often suppressed and avoided because of shame. The truth is, anger, like every emotion, is a source of potential energy. You can either use that energy to achieve your highest priorities or squander them. That’s the purpose of all emotions.  They are energy resources to be used to implement actions. Every action requires energy to support its fruition. To achieve a goal, you summon the energy to achieve it through your interpretation of your emotions. The word “emotion” originates from the Latin word emotere, meaning ‘energy in motion.’  While you should avoid adverse outcomes, it is possible to create positive results from anger.

Let us explore anger a little more deeply and see if we can change our limiting beliefs. If you can change how you perceive this emotion, you will also change how you perceive yourself. 

Anger is a signal

The purpose of anger is to inform you that you are in danger and that you need to mitigate that risk. At its core, anger is derived from the inherent instinct to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The fight or flight response prepares us to defend our well-being. You are feeling this way for a reason, so don’t ignore anger when it arises. Anger arms our values with signals to defend ourselves from danger. It is natural to feel anger when you feel wronged or threatened. Anger signals you to act, seek justice and fight for a resolution. When this force arises within you, it is a call for you to take action to right this wrong. Anger upholds our integrity and principles. Respect the signal of anger as a reminder of your good nature and profound ability to care.

The Importance of the pause

There may or may not always be a valid reason for our emotions, including the emotion of anger. The energy of emotion is a powerful signal guiding you to act according to the meaning of the emotion. Often, we have a strong emotion only to realize later that we misinterpreted the purpose of a situation resulting in erroneous action, potentially causing harm.

Therefore, before reacting, it is essential to pause and ask, “What is this emotion telling me?”

Here are 6 ways in which anger can positively impact your life:

  1. Anger establishes boundaries

Anger can establish your boundaries. We all have limits, and a feeling of resentment usually indicates violated boundaries. It means that emotionally or physically, someone has breached your comfort zone. In this case, anger helps you communicate clear boundaries between what is permitted and what is not. To achieve balance in life, you must know your boundaries to enforce them. 

  1. Anger can assist in conflict

Expressing anger productively can differentiate between success and failure. A healthy expression of anger is when you mindfully understand the meaning of the anger and proactively use this energy to achieve your objective. An unhealthy reaction to anger is destructive, unproductive, and helpless. There is an erroneous belief that others have power over our emotions. When anger arises from external dismay, a healthy expression of anger will be to advocate for ourselves and our desires. Use anger to diffuse the conflict by seeking solutions.

  1. Anger can improve negotiation

Anger can actually improve your negotiation skills resulting in more favorable outcomes. When you notice that someone is angry in your presence, you possess the ability to refrain from fueling the fire by responding with empathy. A compassionate response can lead to compromise rather than conflict. Others become more reasonable with our demands. If expressed mindfully, anger achieves what you want out of any negotiation. On the other hand, harmful anger may result in the opposite of what you desire.   

  1. Anger is a powerful motivating force

Anger is a motivating force because a bruise to the ego is a stimulus to take action. For instance, when someone insults you, you can either accept it or become angry and use that energy to prove them wrong. An “enemy” can drive us to perform our best. There is no better revenge than proving someone wrong. For example, Oprah was once a local news anchor. She received criticism that she was not fit for television. She was angry and used that anger to fuel her desire to build an empire. Throughout sports, schools, and organizations, competition is a common tactic to motivate individuals. The competition encourages high standards of quality and innovation.

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  1. Anger overcomes obstacles

Anger drives you to find solutions to problems. In a way, it is a mindset similar to crisitunity, an outlook that sees opportunities in crises. An obstacle or blockage from something that you are trying to accomplish triggers anger. With anger, you can create an action to remove the barrier and help you get to where you want to be. Anger can push you to pursue your dreams. If you were utterly content all the time, you might not strive so hard for achievement and change.

  1. Anger is empowering

Anger leads to self-empowerment. It sheds feelings of powerlessness. It allows you to feel in control rather than helpless. It energizes your entire system and provides you with the energy to fuel the actions necessary to make a difference. It can help you fulfill your needs and control your outcomes. Anger can be a deliberate choice to utilize the intense energy generated from this powerful emotion.


While you should avoid adverse outcomes, it is possible to create positive results from anger.

When you learn to appreciate anger rather than feel shame, it can be a force for positive change and can bring about self-improvement and transformation. When you are more comfortable with your anger, you are more at ease in the presence of the emotion and no longer shy away from its expression. This emotional intelligence is essential for making lasting and sincere human connections. Learning to work with the emotion of anger can be a powerful force in both our business and personal relationships. It starts with the choice to shift our mindset about anger to utilize it as a constructive force. By carefully listening to the signal provided by the emotion of anger and then mindfully deciding how to use the powerful energy generated for a positive objective, anger can be an incredibly beneficial force for good.






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