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Mindsets of Olympians

We are inspired by the triumphant mindset of an Olympian, but their strength falters just like any other human being. Here’s how they deal with it.
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Are you feeling a fresh dose of inspiration while watching the Tokyo Olympic Games? It’s been five years since the games at Rio; the delay of the Tokyo games makes the extraordinary achievements of these bold, determined athletes even more impressive. Olympic athletes inspire the world with their courage and resilience. Many of these athletes are showing their agility and longevity in maintaining a competitive edge after a five-year interim. Mindset is the key factor that enables discipline, self-awareness, and drive to be the very best. A strong mindset allows you to breakthrough beyond your limits. Think of when you were able to accomplish something great; a strong mindset probably got you there.

Feeling inspiration from the amazing feats of the Olympic medalists can give you the motivation you need to reach for the stars. Behind the scenes, athletes spend years planning and training.  While the Olympians might make competition look easy, their mindset training includes steps that you can use to achieve your own life goals. We’ve gathered the following tips to empower you to take giant Olympic-size leaps of your own.

Be decisive

It is not reasonable to expect to achieve everything. Athletes set an example for having specifically defined goals. These clear and limited objectives define strategy for the competitors while they perfect their skills. Setting a firm intention motivates the investment of time and effort in achieving goals. A talented runner will likely not achieve greatness in both short and long distance events. Runners pick a lane early in their career and stick to it. Think carefully about what you want out of life, and then go for it. Be relentless in your pursuit.

Feel the love

Athletes love the game, which translates to having an appreciation for the journey. Enthusiasm cultivates discipline to persevere, even when the mind and body may want to quit. Passion is a powerful force that can give you strength you never knew you had. When you truly love something, you find time for it no matter what. There is no place for excuses. Tired or not, you will go to the gym to train or work on that book you want to write. Important priorities never go unfinished. The hardships and sacrifices you make in the name of your dreams should seem minimal compared to the joy you experience working towards them. Plus, it is much easier to make an action a habit when you are having fun! Mindset is everything; if you set your mind to achieve something and fuel it with an intense passion for succeeding, you will accomplish great things.

Strengthen discipline like a muscle

Discipline is not an isolated practice. It is a way of life that expresses itself in all decisions. Athletes strengthen their discipline like a muscle. Just as a muscle becomes stronger with the repetition of certain exercises, willpower benefits from the same routine training. Discipline is slowly developed within the small choices you make throughout the day. To be strong in will, you must practice discipline at every opportunity. This means choosing to go to bed over watching Netflix, meditating over scrolling through social media, and eating healthy meals over junk food. Sometimes it means resisting the lower mind and saying no to lazy tendencies. The harder option often holds higher benefits for you in the long run. Because ego and mind are always scattered and floating to the past or future, they are challenging to tame. It takes the highest discipline to maintain a present mind. Bring attention and focus to the present moment and be aware of when the mind wanders away. Remember, every choice you make creates a habit. Build good habits by making good choices. Ask yourself if your free time is being spent in a way that is beneficial to you. When you practice discipline at every opportunity, the effects will ripple into all aspects of your life, and you will become stronger in every way.

Look ahead, not behind

Once you have decided your ambition, you can create a plan to work towards it. Cultivate the confidence to move forward with conviction. If you feel yourself backtracking, identify the doubt and insecurity that is holding you back from the plan. This blockage will chase you until you resolve it. Once you move forward with conviction, never delay or lose that precious momentum. You will likely have an obstacle course ahead, but when faced with a challenge, refer back to your self-confidence and determination to find a way to conquer anything. Your achievement will be all the greater for dealing with that extra challenge en route.


Some achievements are rewarded with trophies or certificates, others are acknowledged privately. Even if your reward will be personal joy and satisfaction without fanfare, relish in it. Celebrate your accomplishments! If you have teammates, celebrate their accomplishments as well! A celebratory mindset fuels encouragement and comraderie, which wins medals! Having a supportive network can multiply your achievements. If you are looking for a supportive group of high growth individuals, join our group coaching to get inspiration and motivation to achieve more. Whatever your goal, give yourself a pat on the back for achieving it, and then start planning the next. If you can take one giant step, you can take another.


Every athlete knows the importance of rest and recovery. Without proper self-care, the body and mind cannot keep up with the demands put upon them. Self-care includes anything that that involves being good to yourself. It is a practice of kindness and compassion and is a way to refuel energy levels. Try incorporating a yoga class into your routine or take a course on breathing techniques. Make time in your busy schedule to be outside and go for walks. Day needs night, cold needs hot, and work needs rest to remain equanimous.

The bottom line

While the Olympians might make competition look easy, their mindset training includes steps that you can use to achieve your own life goals. Next time you watch an Olympic athlete, remember that he or she is also a human being. If they can push on through, so can you. Remember to make goals specific and manageable. Juggling elephants on a tightrope could be a tough first act. Start with a plan of action and set a solid foundation of discipline to follow through. You must have high commitment to be exceptional and take every chance you get to step further into greatness. This means no days off. When you want to be extraordinary, you can not be ordinary. Step above and beyond what is expected. Be proactive and aspire to excel!




Mindset Training for Athletes: Discipline on a Daily Basis (

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