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How to Effectively Set Seasonal Goals

It’s not you, it’s the season. Regain control to accomplish every goal, just know a few things about energy seasonality.
Set Goals within the Season

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As the seasons change, so does your energy, as well as which goals take priority. Sectioning your goals into 3-month segments, which is roughly 90 days, is an adequate length of time to target specific outcomes and focus on seasonal energy. Each season can inspire you in new and exciting ways. Using the seasons as natural breaks, you can focus your energy on accomplishing your goals in a 12-week timeframe as opposed to an entire year which can be daunting. This timeframe can make it easier to set goals and see them through if you struggle to keep up the momentum.

Once you have identified your seasonal goals, you must align your intentions with your goals. Your thoughts and actions need to support the bigger picture. Work out a timeline of when you want these things done, then start to split them up into each season based on what makes the most sense. For example, at the start of the year, you may want to set a goal to swim more at your local pool. But at that time, this may not be feasible because of the weather. As the warmer weather approaches for spring, this goal can take priority in your life.

Spring Bloom

Spring begins in March and lasts until June, comprising approximately 90 days. Start by writing down all the things you want to achieve in these next three months. The weather is changing, new life is blooming, and the days are getting longer. How can you add more value and hobbies to your life? What can be cleared out to make more space for the goals you want to accomplish? Your spring goals can support your summer goals.

Think of where you want to be six months from now. Ask yourself how your spring goals can be a foundation for your life in the fall.

Summer Fun

Summer is typically a time when many live a carefree life. The weather is warmer, and the days are the longest they will be the entire year. June, July, and August bring a subtle motivation to spend more time outside, take adventures, and be social. Think of ways you can personally take advantage of this time of year. Summer breeds a particular fun into the air, and there are many ways you can enjoy it. Ask yourself again, where do you want to be six months from now, and how can your summer goals support this life?

Tips to Get Started for Spring and Summer

If you are looking to get in shape, use these warmer months to incorporate different forms of exercise. Take time to hike in the woods, swim in the pool or the ocean, and take outdoor fitness classes. Go for runs on an outdoor track. Use the warmer weather as an opportunity to park farther away from your job so that you get more steps in. Leave the office to take a walk outside for your lunch break to get some fresh air and burn more calories. If able, bike to work instead of driving. Suggest walking meetings rather than sitting ones.

If you are looking to change your diet and eat healthier, spring is a great time to take trips to the farmers’ market and see what is in season. You can also try to grow some of your own produce. Try out new healthy recipes with the fruits and veggies you buy to change up your diet. Bike to the grocery store to burn calories and be more mindful of what you buy. If you’re working at home, remove the snacks from your proximity to reduce mindless eating. Work outside to get some sunshine and distance yourself from the kitchen.

If your goal is to expand your social life, take spring as an opportunity to join your friends for outdoor activities such as a bike ride, picnic, an outdoor lunch date, walking your dogs together, or jogging in the park. Rather than spending time inside watching Netflix, take a walk to a nearby cafe to get some air and meet new people.

If your goal is to travel more, take advantage of the summer months to score better deals on island vacation spots during the off-season. This is also a great time to take some day trips with friends and family. If you don’t feel ready to travel just yet, take the time to fully plan out your trip ahead of time.

If your goal is to get organized, spring is the perfect time to clear out your old fall and winter clothing to make room for new warmer weather items. Dust off the shelves and clean the house. Donate old items or sell them online for some extra cash. Organize your closets, hand sanitizers, and face masks. Open the windows to let in the fresh spring air to cleanse the space. Spring and summer are great times to renovate your home, especially your backyard. Plant some new flowers and trees to freshen up your outdoor space.

The Bottom Line

Goal setting within a season is a particularly satisfying and realistic way to thoroughly enjoy the weather and the growth that comes along with it. It’s a mini timeline that can hold you accountable as you stay present and appreciate the moment. Open your senses and make the most out of every season.

If you need help setting goals and holding yourself accountable, learn more about Arootah’s executive coaching. Arootah’s dedicated coaches will help you live your most fulfilled and successful life by mapping out your goals and the future you desire based on realistic timelines. Remember, the most-effective way to change your current course is to change your behavior.

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