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The Allocator Principles

Identifying Best Practices for Capital Allocation to Alternative Investment Funds

A Guide of Allocator Due Diligence on Alternative Investment Funds

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Allocator principle

A Guide for Alternative Investment Management Due Diligence

A Guide to Alternative Investment Management Due Diligence is a meticulously crafted guide designed to provide allocators in the alternative investment sector with comprehensive insights into due diligence processes. This book systematically addresses the multifaceted aspects of investment management due diligence, offering valuable knowledge for allocators at various stages of their careers. “The Allocator Principles” Equips allocators with the essential skills and understanding needed for effective due diligence in alternative investment management. It covers a range of crucial topics from risk definition to negotiating terms, tailored to the unique requirements of alternative investments.


Structured Exploration of Core Topics

The book is organized into key areas of due diligence, including Defining Risk, Investment Philosophy, Investment Process, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, Investment Due Diligence, Operational Due Diligence, and Negotiating Terms.

Practical Application

Each chapter incorporates real-life scenarios, self-assessment exercises, and case studies, enabling readers to apply theoretical concepts to practical situations.

Rich and Diverse Content

The content covers a broad spectrum of topics, ensuring a thorough understanding of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of due diligence.


Mastery of Due Diligence Processes

Readers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the various elements involved in due diligence, forming a robust foundation for their practices.

Enhanced Analytical Skills

The book provides insights into both quantitative and qualitative analysis, critical for thorough and balanced investment evaluations.

Strategic Investment Insights

Readers learn to develop and refine their investment philosophy and process, crucial for successful allocation strategies.

Practical Due Diligence Techniques

The book offers practical techniques for conducting both investment and operational due diligence effectively.

Adaptability to Market Changes

The content prepares allocators for evolving trends and challenges in the alternative investment sector.

In summary, “The Allocator Principles: A Guide to Alternative Investment Management Due Diligence” is a vital resource for allocators seeking to enhance their due diligence capabilities in the alternative investment arena. This comprehensive guide not only provides practical and strategic insights into the due diligence process but also equips allocators with the necessary tools to make informed and effective investment decisions.