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Foster Trust, Collaboration and Productivity from Anywhere!
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You and your team can thrive working from anywhere!

Develop remote work leadership skills to foster trust, collaboration and productivity across remote teams. Take strategic actions to improve your company’s culture. 

  • Evaluate the condition of your firm’s remote work culture. Find out if your firm is thriving or just barely surviving! Take our free assessment.

  • Learn how to overcome the top challenges facing remote leaders and their teams.

  • Rich Bello guides from his own experiences leading dispersed teams during his successful career managing a $10 billion hedge fund.

  • Take advantage of the enormous opportunities for employees and employers now. Learn more during a free remote work strategy session.

81% of respondents
think their employer
will support remote work

after COVID-19

Source: State of Remote Work (

Is your team prepared to work from anywhere?


How, when, and where people are working is changing and evolving.


Stay on top of remote workplace best practices whether your goal is to operate with a 100% dispersed team, a hybrid model, or to have a remote transition plan as a backup scenario.

Stay ahead of the competition to retain and attract top talent. Arootah can help.

Education and Training

Remote Leadership Mastery Series Image (Business Optimization)

Remote Leadership Mastery Series

Learn how to overcome the top 10 challenges remote teams face and take advantage of enormous growth opportunities.

Remote Work Leadership Course

Remote Work Leadership Course

Our 4-week course offers everything you need to create an ideal remote work environment for your team.  

Webinars and Workshops (Business Optimization)

Webinars and Workshops

Live workshops and materials to learn strategies to maximize your remote work force, receive support, and feel camaraderie. 

Learn more about our education and training offerings;
schedule a complimentary call with our team.

Policies and Procedures

Remote Work Policy Builder 1.0 (Business Optimization)

Remote Work Policy Builder 1.0

Develop a customized Remote Work Policy that is based on your company’s mission and goals for your distributed team.

Remote Work Audit (Business Optimization)

Remote Work Audit

Evaluate your company’s operations for remote work efficiency and effectiveness with expert recommendations for working from anywhere.

Remote Work Experts (Business Optimization)

Remote Work Experts

Expert consultants will help you implement your Remote Work Policy and close the gaps found during your company’s audit. 

Has your Workplace adapted to Remote Work effectively?

Take Our Free Online Assessment to Find Out

Team Building and Culture

Virtual Co-Working Space

Virtual Co-Working Space

Our moderated virtual co-working spaces can help overcome isolation, enhance focus, and  boost productivity. Public and private spaces are available.

Workplace Wellness (Business Optimization)

Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness is the foundation of a successful company. Prioritizing the health of your team benefits everyone, resulting in increased energy, focus, and morale.

Experiences & Events (Business Optimization)

Experiences & Events

Professional development,
team-building experiences, and virtual social events are designed to bring your
distributed team together.

Learn more about our team and culture building offerings; schedule a complimentary call with one of our experts.

Businesses would save an average of $11,000 annually per half-time telecommuter.

Source: Global Workforce Analytics (

Meet Pamela Meister

Meet Pamela Meister

Remote Work Expert

Pamela Meister is a remote work expert who leads with strategy and empowers teams and individuals to reach their potential. Part idea generator, part laser-focused strategist, Pamela helps companies elevate their efficiency to achieve their objectives.

An entrepreneur with a MA in Public Policy, Pamela has held executive and management positions across both public and private sectors with a wide breadth of experience managing people and projects.

Pamela offers personalized consulting, speaks publicly, and runs workshops for groups of various sizes. She believes in the power of human connection and takes a creative approach to guide teams to leverage their strengths and improve productivity.

Email Pam

Overcome the top challenges remote leaders and their teams face to enjoy the enormous opportunities of working from anywhere.


Working with our experts, you will explore how to master these areas of business:
The power of mindset that will support you and your remote team. Understand how the mind works and create a foundation that will support your business endeavors. Learn how to identify your limiting beliefs, and create empowering beliefs. Recognize your cognitive biases and learn how to mitigate them. Establish good habits, and eradicate bad habits. This will expand your energy levels enormously and empower you to lead your remote team powerfully.
How to trust your team and communicate your expectations. Create opportunities for your employees to demonstrate their value, skills, and work ethic. You will graduate with the management skills to get results from your team without micromanaging. Watch your team soar!
Efficient and effective communication methods for your remote team. You will graduate with the confidence to communicate through any situation. Learn the tools and strategies to encourage the most effective channel of communication.

How to establish boundaries that will foster a healthy, productive, and positive workplace culture. You will graduate with the steps that you and your team members can take to achieve a high quality of life at work and at home.


The strategies to build a high performing remote team. You will learn about best practices to encourage and foster collaboration among team members. You will graduate with the skill set needed to improve your remote culture so that every team member has the opportunity to thrive.

Human Resources
How to navigate human resource issues including how to establish remote work eligibility, how to design policies and procedures that work for your company, and how to manage a diverse global team with cultural awareness.
Prioritize work logically and keep everyone on the same page. You will graduate with an understanding of how to maintain momentum for your remote team and be able to count on high-quality performance with results.

How to make the most of technology, overcome challenges, and strengthen cybersecurity. Set up the infrastructure your company needs to safely utilize technology. You will be prepared to provide your team with the training they need to work safely and comfortably with technology from a remote location.

How to navigate the complex legal, compliance, and tax requirements for remote workers. You will graduate with an understanding of the questions that remote leaders are considering as they manage a dispersed workforce and we will make sure you know where to go to find answers that will meet your company’s specific needs.
You will learn to seek out the opportunities in a crisis. You will graduate feeling more prepared to lead your team with confidence and be able to handle a crisis. You will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities that arise from any situation.

Take Your Remote Team from where they are to where they want to be. Thrive from anywhere!

Other Business Services

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skills to foster trust, collaboration and productivity.

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