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Career Coaching

Embark on a path towards your ideal career destination – a place where you perform at your peak, inspire change, and enjoy every minute.

Kick-Start Your Future.


Land Your Dream Role or Build It

Arootah Career Coaching illuminates the career that will link your talents to the professional trajectory you crave. We can help you navigate transitions, explore new career paths, and advance in your industry. Use technology-backed coaching to accelerate your growth and breakthrough barriers.

Become the pilot of your career. If you are motivated and ready to learn, it’s time for you to forge a career path that best suits you. Work on more fulfilling projects and earn the recognition you desire. Whether you are at an impasse on your next move or you know see the obstacles ahead, a Career Coach can move you forward, faster.

Dreaming of something more? We help you find fulfillment beyond professional achievements. You’ll act with purpose and break through limiting beliefs. Your coach offers the support and guidance you need to elevate your life and career.

Gain consistent progress with one of our Career Coaching Subscriptions, cancel anytime.

Fundamental Career Coaching

Great for striving professionals who may be struggling with escalating their career


  • Pinpoint your skills
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Find your perfect fit

Perfect for:

  • High-performing professionals
  • VP-level and below
  • Entrepreneurs

Looking to:

  • Find more fulfillment in your work
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Break into challenging industries


    Elite Career Coaching

    Great for accomplished professionals who are yearning to achieve a new level in business


    • Develop your skills
    • Create new opportunities
    • Spearhead the change you wish to see

    Perfect for:

    • Career-pivoting professionals
    • C-suite and below
    • Business owners

    Looking to:

    • Stay agile and gain a strong competitive edge
    • Engage in new initiatives
    • Blur the line between work and passion


      Master Career Coaching

      We offer Master Coaches for those seeking the most specialized coaching. Master Career Coaches have the most significant professional insights along with more years of coaching experience.

      Regardless of the tier, every one of our coaches have extensive credentials and experience using The 10 Step Arootah Success Formula.

      Your Untapped Potential Awaits

      Kick off your journey with a free 30-min call with one of our coaches. Tell us about your challenges. A coach can help you move forward. Fill in the quick in-take form below to schedule your call in a new window.

      Arootah executive coaching subscriptions

      arootah Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. With your coach, map out a clear path towards achieving your goals. Receive the necessary encouragement and accountability to see your missions through to the end. arootah

      – Rich Bello, CEO of Arootah

      Be Bold and Innovative

      We take the complexities out of high-pressure leadership. Use our time-tested 10 Step Success Formula to overcome obstacles with clarity, strategic planning, and accountability.

      Take 60-minutes 3-times per month to refocus, revise, and realign your actions with your goals. We know you’re busy doing incredible work. That’s why every session is virtual and scheduled at a time that works for you.

      Image in mask Untapped potential awaits

      What Can You Expect from Coaching?


      Partnering with an Arootah Executive Coach will support seasoned and aspiring leaders in gaining self-awareness and aligning their priorities with your organization’s top goals.


      Your organization’s leaders must have a strategic roadmap to drive performance and make impactful decisions. A well-crafted strategy ensures the effective allocation of resources, and all stakeholders align toward a shared vision.


      Accountability is a critical component of Arootah’s Executive Coaching process, ensuring clients remain committed and focused on their goals while monitoring progress, providing constructive feedback, and adjusting as needed to achieve success.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do you streamline the path to success?

      At Arootah, we live and breathe time management, goal prioritization, and energy optimization – key skills for success.

      • Time management: Create realistic timelines that promote more progress and less burnout.
      • Goal prioritization: Know exactly what to work on and when, even when obstacles and urgent needs get in the way.
      • Energy optimization: Prepare for a productive week while also allowing time for family, exercise, and recreation.

      Our career coaches work with you intensively to ensure you reach your goals in the most streamlined and intelligent way possible. Cut the distractions, and find the solutions!

      How does personal career coaching help me?

      Personal career coaching is designed to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It’s great for transition periods and ensuring your present life supports future goals.

      Our coaches go one step further and create an action plan that sets you up for success in a streamlined and efficient way.

      Some of the most successful people have capitalized on the power of coaching. Coaching services hold you accountable, mitigate fear and risk, and help you make the right decisions towards the life you’ve been hoping for.

      What kind of “success” are you talking about?

      We go far beyond business success. Depending on where you want to improve, our coaches guide you in a pragmatic way to reach organizational and individual goals. Common client goals:

      ⦁ Improve decision making skills
      ⦁ Reduce cognitive bias
      ⦁ Streamline project management
      ⦁ Expanding operations
      ⦁ Maximizing investments
      ⦁ Achieve great work-life balance
      ⦁ Finding fulfillment in life
      ⦁ Pursuing exciting new opportunities
      ⦁ Raising more capital
      ⦁ Exploring new ventures
      ⦁ Empowering employees

      Who are your clients, and what do you do for them?

      Our clients come from hedge funds, investment banks, law firms, agencies, and creative fields, but our consulting capabilities expand beyond those industries.

      If you agree that optimizing leadership can drastically improve business outcomes, then we want to work with you.

      From C-suite executives to ambitious subordinates, we help you grow personally and professionally for the betterment of you and your organization.

      Where does the career coaching take place?

      We’re 100% online so we can easily connect when it works best for you. The program is safe, secure, and confidential.

      Our clients and consultants are working hard to make incredible things happen. Protecting your trade secrets, intellectual property, and personal information is a top priority.

      Is there a contract?

      Yes, there is a contract for clients, so expectations are in alignment on both sides.

      We are only successful if you’re successful, so we will find pragmatic solutions for you to see results. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

      Does Arootah offer training for organizations?

      Yes, our bread and butter has been development training and workshops for large groups and entire organizations.

      What exactly is career coaching?

      Career coaching is intense guidance to navigate next-level career enhancement, leadership skill development, and how accomplished people sustain their success and raise their own standards.
      Those in need of leadership career coaching often want to capitalize on new opportunities, streamline productivity, reduce turnover, or learn how to empower their team.