Allow Our Life Coaching Program to be your secret weapon to success! It is extremely unique, it was created from our founder, Rich Bello’s book, The Return, a manual for high achievers.

All wildly successful people share the powerful trait of determination. When one desires to be the best version of themself, it compels them to see out the most efficient and effective resources and practices. That includes working with an impactful coach to support them in chartering new territory with sustained success. No matter where you are on your journey, we will meet you with knowledge, compassion, experience, tough love and resources.

Leverage Arootah’s proven workflows, daily procedures, operating systems, accountability strategies and customized tools to achieve rapid results. We are a catalyst for transformation, inspiring people to incorporate healthy mental and physical habits into everyday life. These daily rituals are the key to establishing routines that lead to high performance. Challenge yourself by setting greater goals, crafting better plans, and being held accountable. Our coaches will empower you to achieve consistent results.

Match your intentions with real tools and methods that you can integrate into your daily life in order to thrive!


To map out your future, it is important to clarify what you want to achieve in life.
Let’s understand where your career stands today, so we can better drive toward your goals. Once the bar is set, and a plan is in place, we can develop custom training solutions that support your specific needs.

Progress is propelled by the power of transformation, and that begins from within.
Imagine if you could recognize precisely what behaviors or actions prevent you from reaching your goals? The fastest way to change your course is to change your behavior. The hurdles that always seem to come out of nowhere will be a thing of the past. By observing your reactions to situations and designing a proactive plan, a specialized coach can guide you through eliminating those obstacles in your way.

Why get a Coach?

• Set Goals and Create Plans to Achieve them

• Identify and Eliminate Obstacles

• Adopt proven techniques to discover SUCCESS

• Gain the confidence to breakthrough barriers

• Take control of your emotions

• Accountability!!

The Gap Analysis Assessment

Make improving yourself easy! Your dedicated Coach will communicate with you to the fullest extent of your needs. Upon first inquiry, a trained Coach will facilitate an assessment process. You will have regular phone calls and meet in person monthly, working one-on-one towards your goals. Create personal change and empower yourself to transform possibility into reality.

1. Measurement of one’s current state within the key metrics of their life.

2. Clarify the desired state within each metric.

3. The difference between the current and desired states is the Gap.

4. Closing the Gap is the Goal.

The Plan

We’ll suggest the right Coaches for you to close the GAP – based on where you are and what you want to achieve. Looking to improve your health, excel at work, or sleep better? Choose a focus area and we’ll suggest the right training for you. We only want to be paid for RESULTS.

While we offer and encourage private coaching, we offer group coaching for alike situations. We often find that many people have the same questions and uncertainties. In addition, there are synergy gains to be made in a group environment.