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Fitness Classes

Invigorate Your Day

When you have a healthy body, refreshed mind, and long-lasting energy, that’s when you perform and feel your best. Arootah’s online fitness studio is packed with free classes that never skimp on high quality fitness. Get social. Have fun. Be the best you.

Want to get social?
Jump in early to meet everyone in the class! We can’t wait to have you:

1. Chat with your instructor about everything fitness.
2. Connect with like-minded students, just like you.
3. Get yourself in the zone for an awesome session!

Live Fitness Class
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Review our offerings and select a class below.
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Look for a Zoom link via email 1 hour before class.
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Grab your yoga mat, yoga blocks, and some water!
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Turn on your camera or keep it off for privacy. Up to you.

Signature Fitness Classes by Arootah

Seize the day with a healthy body, high energy, and more confidence in yourself. Our classes go beyond physical exercise so you feel great from the inside out. See you at the next session!


All-level vinyasa in flow style, syncing body and mind with breath.

Master balance and activate every muscle for full-body toning.

30 minutes.

Barre Yoga Fusion

All-level blend of yoga and barre class to enhance strength and balance.

Enjoy rejuvenating toning for smaller muscle groups.

30 minutes.

Pilates Yoga Fusion

All-level class combining the precision of Pilates with yoga flow.

Prevent injury and boost agility with challenging movement.

30 minutes.

Bodyweight HIIT

All-level high-intensity interval training, without equipment!

Maximize every minute for strength and cardio explosiveness.

30 minutes.

Meditation & Breathwork

All-level meditation class using the power of breath and mindfulness.

Practice focus, calm and refreshing mental tranquility.

30 minutes.

Meet the Instructors

Rich Jarer

Rich Jarer

Fitness Trainer



Rich really is the best! A total workout is only a half hour, and when you’re done, you feel the power! Don’t just sit at home. Join Rich’s class, and get your fitness reward!

Rich goes to work every day ready to help people transform their bodies and lifestyle.

He is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

As a fitness studio owner, he finds enormous gratification in empowering others to achieve their goals.

He aims to inspire people and give them the tools they need to adopt healthier habits.

Colleen Breeckner

Colleen Breeckner

Yoga & Pilates Instructor



Colleen‘s class is an experience and each time is unique. Her flows are brilliant and so perfectly choreographed and each time I take her class I feel like she has read my mind as to what my body needs.

Since 2004, Colleen has been training and teaching in various yoga traditions, including Anusara.

As the owner of Colleen Lila Yoga, she developed a unique training program that has graduated over 50 students. She continues to host workshops, classes, and outdoor adventure retreats.

Colleen is registered as eRYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, and is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Herbalist, and Thai masseuse. She is a graduate of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda.

Alana Rose

Alana Rose

Yoga, Pilates & Barre Instructor



If you’re looking for a highly motivational class that keeps you challenged and never gets boring, THIS IS THE CLASS! No matter what your fitness level is, you’ll immediately feel the difference from a “regular” class and fit right in!

While attending Boston College, Alana began teaching group fitness classes to complement her studies in Literature and involvement with Dance Ensemble.

A lifelong dancer, Alana has translated her passion for movement into a deep investment to help others feel their best.

She is certified 200 RYT through Power Pilates from her training at Naturally Yoga.

Alana is also a reiki master level healer and mama to her son.

Mackenzie Kear

Mackenzie Kear

Yoga & Meditation Instructor



I loved Mackenzie’s class because it felt like we were dancing through the asanas. There was a great balance between holding the poses and moving through them. Her verbal cues were strong and very easy to visualize.

Mackenzie’s classes leave students feeling fortified and full of energy for days to come.

The classes consist of moving meditation that weave yoga philosophy throughout the asana (physical) practice – inviting students to move the mind and body together.

She is a certified yoga teacher, completing 200-hour training at Y7 Studio in 2017. In 2019, she completed 200-hour meditation teacher training at Three Jewels NYC.

As Director of Operations at Arootah, she helps clients use yoga and meditation to feel refreshed and fulfilled in the modern-day office lifestyle.

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