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Life Coaching

Now is the time to transform your aspirations into reality. Are you ready to clarify what you’re after and go for it? We’ve been waiting for you.

Kick Start Your Future


Live the Life You Desire, finally

Arootah Life Coaching supports you in creating a life aligned with your highest priorities. We enhance coaching with technology, enabling you to overcome challenges to achieve personal fulfillment. Our coaches motivate you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, to lead a life that supports what matters most to you.

The secret weapon among high achievers is coaching. It’s time to overcome your barriers and finally realize your goals. If you’ve been aspiring to make a greater impact for yourself and the people around you, Life Coaching is for you. Stay motivated to meet high expectations. This is the key to stop dreaming and start living how you want.

Struggling with direction? We organize your thoughts and clarify your goals. You’ll build a strong foundation of principles and habits for success. Your coach listens, supports, and holds you accountable, guiding you every step of the way.

Gain consistent progress with one of our Life Coaching Subscriptions, cancel anytime.

Fundamental Life Coaching

Great for striving professionals who may be struggling with finding their life’s direction or going through a transition.


  • Better manage time to get ahead
  • Clarify big-picture goals
  • Plan with execution strategies

Perfect for:

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Self-employed

Looking to:

  • Map out your future
  • Reprioritize your life
  • Formulate feasible action plans

    Elite Life Coaching

    Great for accomplished individuals who are yearning for “more” or unlocking the next level in life.


    • Optimize your time to meet demands
    • Prioritize what is important
    • Balance work and life, without guilt

    Perfect for:

    • Experienced professionals
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Anyone struggling to live your dream

    Looking to:

    • Undertake extraordinary endeavors
    • Overcome your toughest challenges
    • Find fulfillment outside your career

      Master Life Coaching

      We offer Master Coaches for those seeking the most specialized coaching. Master Life Coaches have the most significant personal insights along with more years of coaching experience.

      Regardless of the tier, every one of our coaches has extensive credentials and experience using The 10 Step Arootah Success Formula.

      Your Untapped Potential Awaits

      Kick off with a free 30-min call with one of our coaches. Tell us about your challenges. A coach can help you move forward. Fill in the quick in-take form below to schedule your call in a new window.

      Arootah executive coaching subscriptions

      arootah Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. With your coach, map out a clear path towards achieving your goals. Receive the necessary encouragement and accountability to see your missions through to the end. arootah

      – Rich Bello, CEO of Arootah

      Be Bold and Innovative

      We take the complexities out of high-pressure leadership. Use our time-tested 10 Step Success Formula to overcome obstacles with clarity, strategic planning, and accountability.

      Take 60-minutes three times per month to refocus, revise, and realign your actions with your goals. We know you’re busy doing incredible work. That’s why every session is virtual and scheduled at a time that works for you.

      Image in mask Untapped potential awaits

      What Can You Expect from Coaching?


      Partnering with an Arootah Executive Coach will support seasoned and aspiring leaders in gaining self-awareness and aligning their priorities with your organization’s top goals.


      Your organization’s leaders must have a strategic roadmap to drive performance and make impactful decisions. A well-crafted strategy ensures the effective allocation of resources, and all stakeholders align toward a shared vision.


      Accountability is a critical component of Arootah’s Executive Coaching process, ensuring clients remain committed and focused on their goals while monitoring progress, providing constructive feedback, and adjusting as needed to achieve success.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does a personal coach help me?

      Coaching is designed to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It’s great for transition periods and ensuring your present life supports future goals.

      Our coaches go one step further and create an action plan that sets you up for success in a streamlined and efficient way. If you crave the accountability and structure you had in school and internships, you and your coach can establish clear paths and guidelines to easily navigate and excel in day-to-day life.

      Some of the most successful people have capitalized on the power of coaching. Coaching services hold you accountable, mitigate fear and risk, and help you make the right decisions towards the life you’ve been hoping for.

      What happens during a coaching session? What is discussed?

      We first take stock of your current situation and clarify your vision. We ask thoughtful questions designed to challenge your assumptions, encourage insight, and explore viable options. We then establish goals and measurable milestones.

      From there, we may incorporate exercises and meditation to facilitate more mindfulness. That way, you’re prepared to take action in the week ahead. In follow-up sessions, we measure your progress and fine-tune your plan to make sure you’re on the most effective path towards your aspirations.

      What qualifications do your coaches have?

      All Arootah coaches have completed an ICF-accredited program and are hired based on certifications, credentials, number of years in practice, and niche-specific expertise.

      What types of coaching are excluded from your services?

      While we have a wide selection of coaching services, we do not provide therapy or coaching for addictions, deep psychological wounds, suicidal tendencies, mental illness, emotional problems, or behavioral problems. Our coaches do not give medical, legal, real estate, or financial advice.

      Where therapists aim to help clients heal from dysfunction and reach a more “functional state,” coaches encourage fully functional individuals to accomplish even more out of life.

      How is a coaching session structured? What’s the duration?

      Our clients are busy entrepreneurs and professionals seeking ultra-high leverage execution. Coaching calls are meant to be quick, with every minute helping you maximize your time and energy. Every session helps you regain focus and motivation; carrying you closer to your goals.

      The coaching programs are 100% online. We prefer to conduct coaching calls via Zoom, however phone calls can be done as well. Sessions last 30-60 minutes, depending on your coaching package selection.

      Can I choose my Arootah coach?

      Upon registering for coaching, you’ll answer a detailed questionnaire about your goals. Your answers help us find the best coach for your needs – one who is experienced with your situation and whose coaching style will offer you the greatest potential for success. If you’re not satisfied with your coach, we can reassign based on availability.