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The EnRichment Show

Powerful executive strategies previously only accessible to an elite cadre of high earners. Now available to anyone audacious enough to execute them.

What skill do you want to enrich? Search a topic below.

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Select a topic, grab a seat, and let’s open the floodgates to your full potential. Presented by Arootah, hosted by Wall Street executive Rich Bello.

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Learn how to leverage the power of your mind to overcome obstacles and find purpose.

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Learn how to achieve tasks better and faster. Fight back against slow, stifled progress.

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Time Optimization

Learn how to work smarter, not harder. Even when time is tight and pressures are high.

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Goal Setting

Learn how to construct measurable goals that carry you to your ideal destinations.

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Learn how to conserve, renew, and maximize energy with exceptional efficiency – all day.

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Learn how to build discipline like a muscle. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll accomplish.


Remote Work

Learn how to deliver high-quality remote work that screams, “Time for my promotion!”

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Hedge Funds

Learn how to maximize ROI, minimize risk, navigate compliance, and optimize profits.

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What is the EnRichment Show All About?

The EnRichment Show offers fluff-free implementation strategies to expand success, fulfillment, and enrichment in your personal and professional life. Every episode is rooted in valuable tactics that make you more agile and prosperous, even in volatile conditions.

Our time-tested action plans for optimal mindset, energy, entrepreneurship, leadership, time management, and discipline will prepare you to take charge, overcome obstacles, and contribute to something larger than yourself.

Why Listen to Rich?

Executive coach Rich Bello walks the talk with over 25 years experience on Wall Street.

As co-founder and COO of the $10B hedge fund Blue Ridge Capital and CEO of Arootah, he has played a pivotal role in the careers of NYC’s most ambitious professionals – a driving force to help them scale to impressive peaks. He is also on the Board of iMentor, a leading organization mentoring underserved students towards graduation and their dream job.

Rich speaks to some of the world’s largest financial institutions, breaking down exclusive knowledge to achieve superior business results and greater life enrichment. All shared publicly for the first time right here.

In fact, if you have questions about a topic we haven’t yet covered, ask Arootah and we might create a special episode!

How to Achieve Success

Rich podcast

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How to Achieve Success

Rich podcast

Get a Taste of Mastery

Hungry for thorough comprehension? Dive deep into detailed insight on complex topics. Soon enough, you can expertly leverage these strategies in your life!

Read. Watch. Listen

Mind work

Episode 1

Mindset: How the Mind Works

How the mind works, mental habits, mind power, energy renewal, power of the mind.

Read. Watch. Listen

Pain and pleasure

Episode 2

The Minds Motivating Forces

Hack your mind, how the mind works, mind programming, pain and pleasure

Read. Watch. Listen

Group 1925

Episode 3

Emotional Mastery – Part 1

Control anger, control emotions, emotional mastery, emotions, how the mind works

Read. Watch. Listen

Emotional mastery part 2

Episode 4

Emotional Mastery – Part 2

How the mind works, mental habits, mind power, power of the mind.

Read. Watch. Listen

Introducing the power of discipline

Episode 1

Introducing the Power of Discipline

Read. Watch. Listen

How to overcome proximity bias

Episode 1

How to Overcome Proximity Bias

There are still no Episodes for the Focus Series.

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