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Remote Work Coaching

Remote and hybrid work is here to stay. Cultivate the right mindset to reach peak performance, lead dispersed teams, and optimize your work-life balance.

Kick-Start Your Future.

Thrive While Working from Anywhere

Professionals and leaders must establish an effective work environment for themselves and their teams. But teams working from home have faced many new challenges. Arootah Remote Work Coaches give remote professionals an edge, infusing technology into strategies for success to empower them to harness opportunities, overcome challenges, and move towards their goals with a strategic roadmap.

Hone your skills independently, at your own pace, to build better habits and leadership practices to reduce friction, cultivate employee autonomy, and foster individual freedom in your organization’s remote work initiatives. You’ll maximize your performance and reap the rewards of working from home—or working from anywhere in the world.


Master Remote Work Coaching

Are you a C-suite executive or business owner seeking more specialized, premium coaching? Our Master Remote Work Coaches offer the most significant professional insights along with additional years of coaching experience.

We offer multiple tiers of Remote Work Coaching services: Fundamental, Elite, and Master. Regardless of tier, all of our Coaches have extensive credentials and experience using The 10 Step Arootah Success Formula.

Image in mask Untapped potential awaits

Your Untapped Potential Awaits

Kick off your journey to peak performance with a 30-minute consultation call with one of our coaches. Tell us about your challenges. Our coaches can help you move forward. Fill in the form below to schedule your complimentary call.

arootah Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. With your coach, map out a clear path towards achieving your goals. Receive the necessary encouragement and accountability to see your missions through to the end. arootah

– Rich Bello, CEO and Founder of Arootah

Build Better Remote Work Habits

Whether you want to improve the way you communicate and collaborate with teammates or make sure you’re using your time wisely and accomplishing your goals, our Remote Work Coaches empower you to overcome challenges, including energy management, distractions, and time-wasting.

Each Remote Work Coaching package consists of three, 60-minute sessions per month to help you refocus, revise, and realign your actions with your goals. We know you’re busy doing incredible work. That’s why every session is virtual and scheduled at a time that works for you.

Image in mask Untapped potential awaits

What Can I Expect from Coaching?


Partnering with an Arootah Executive Coach will support seasoned and aspiring leaders in gaining self-awareness and aligning their priorities with your organization’s top goals.


Your organization’s leaders must have a strategic roadmap to drive performance and make impactful decisions. A well-crafted strategy ensures the effective allocation of resources, and all stakeholders align toward a shared vision.


Accountability is a critical component of Arootah’s Executive Coaching process, ensuring clients remain committed and focused on their goals while monitoring progress, providing constructive feedback, and adjusting as needed to achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll my entire remote team in coaching?

Yes! Check out our Team Coaching page.

What happens during a coaching session? What is discussed?

First, we take stock of your current situation and clarify your vision for the future. We ask thoughtful questions designed to challenge your assumptions and foster personal insight, and support you as you explore viable options. We’ll then establish goals and measurable milestones.

From there, we may incorporate exercises in your life to facilitate mindfulness. That way, you’re prepared to take action in the week ahead. In follow-up sessions, we measure your progress and fine-tune your plan to make sure you’re on the most effective path toward your aspirations.

How are coaching sessions structured?

Our clients are busy professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs seeking ultra-high execution. Coaching calls are meant to be quick, with every minute helping you maximize your time and energy. Every session helps you regain focus and motivation, carrying you closer to your goals.

Our coaching programs are 100 percent online. We typically conduct coaching calls over Zoom, however, we are happy to accommodate phone calls as well.

Is there any setup or cancellation fees?

There are no setup fees or cancellation charges. You can cancel at any time after your first three months. Depending on your package, coaching can be a single payment upfront (with a paid-in-full discount) or charged monthly.

We’re only successful if you’re successful, so we find pragmatic solutions for you to see results. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

How are you different from other coaching companies?

At Arootah, we live and breathe three key skills for success: time management, goal prioritization, and energy optimization.

  • Time management: Create realistic timelines to promote more progress and prevent burnout.
  • Goal prioritization: Know exactly what to work on and when, even when obstacles and urgent needs get in the way.
  • Energy optimization: Prepare for a productive week while making time for family, exercise, and recreation.

Your coach will work with you in these areas (and others) to streamline your path to success.

Who are your clients, and what do you do for them?

Our clients come from hedge funds, investment banks, law firms, agencies, and creative fields, but our consulting capabilities extend far beyond these industries.

We help optimize nearly every aspect of business, wellness, and personal or professional development in your life.

How does a personal coach help me?

Coaching is designed to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It’s great for transition periods and ensuring your present life supports future goals.

Our coaches go one step further and create an action plan that efficiently streamlines you toward success.

Some of the most successful people have capitalized on the power of coaching. Our coaching services hold you accountable, help you to mitigate fear and risk, and help you to make the right decisions to design the life that you’ve always wanted.