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  • How can I be the best version of myself?
  • How do I fulfill my aspirations?
  • How can I work more efficiently for better results?

Get access to winning strategies previously ONLY accessible to an elite cadre of high earners. As leader, mentor and coach, Rich Bello – Co-Founder and COO of Blue Ridge Capital – has played a pivotal role in the careers of hundreds of NYCs most ambitious professionals, being a driving force for these successful individuals to help them scale their lives to new peaks.

This isn’t just another wellness podcast! The ENRICHMENT by Arootah shares
actionable strategies for maximizing potential, gleaned from 25 year of Rich’s leadership—exclusive knowledge shared publicly for the very first time.

Rooted in mindset, energy, entrepreneurship, leadership, time management, and discipline, our proven fluff-free implementation strategies deliver valuable tactics that can incrementally expand fulfillment in one’s personal and professional life. Learn skills for agility and prosperity even in volatile conditions. Be in a position to contribute to others and the community.

Take charge, turn obstacles into opportunities, and fill your life with enrichment!

Hosted by Rich Bello, Founder and CEO of Arootah; Co-Founder and COO of Blue Ridge Capital; Board Member of iMentor.

Shows are episodic so listening in order is not important.

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