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Make the Most of the Year with SMARTER Goals

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Even with only a handful of days remaining this year, there’s ample opportunity to end on a high note and pave the way for a prosperous 2024. Particularly for leaders, setting year-end goals can help to motivate your team and set a tone of progress and productivity during a time that may otherwise be marred by a lack of motivation and a “let’s just wait until after the holidays” attitude — especially after a difficult Q4, such as one that’s included layoffs or been impacted by world events and unpredictable markets.

Wondering how to set impactful year-end goals? Read on to uncover strategies for crafting effective year-end objectives and start preparing for the upcoming year.

Reflecting on the Past Year

Setting year-end goals starts with reflecting on the past year, a critical exercise for any leader. The significance of this reflection in priming you and your team for success in the new year can’t be overstated — to the extent that dedicating time for thorough contemplation could be a valuable year-end goal in itself.

Contemplate the trajectory of the past year. Identify the triumphs and the obstacles. It’s essential to acknowledge and celebrate those victories, but equally important to analyze what you can learn from the hurdles. How can you adapt to better avoid those challenges next year?

Pay close attention to the metrics you use to measure your outcomes and track your progress and achievements. The more you can ground your definition of success in tangible data rather than subjective feelings, the more accurate your assessments will be.

Moreover, examine whether these results and progress align with your company’s and team’s missions and core values. If there’s a disconnect, strategize how to realign your efforts to embody these principles in the forthcoming year.

Setting Effective Year-End Goals

With a comprehensive understanding of the past year, you’re ready to strategize for the remaining time of 2023. There are numerous advantages to establishing goals before the year concludes.

The natural deadline provided by the year’s end enhances your ability to create “SMARTER” goals — Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound, Evaluated, and Readjusted. Suppose you’ve already been working with “SMARTER” goals throughout the year. In that case, this moment is ideal for the evaluation and readjustment phase, allowing you to refine your approach for even more effective goal setting in the new year.

For guidance on setting SMARTER goals, be discerning in selecting the areas and categories for your year-end goals, as outlined in Rich Bello’s Goal Principles book. Remember to document and regularly assess your goals to ensure you’re advancing, even within this constrained period.

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Strategies for Achieving Year-End Goals

Merely selecting and defining your year-end goals doesn’t guarantee their achievement. It’s important to distinguish between a vision and a goal: a vision represents the end state you aspire to reach, while a goal is accompanied by a strategic plan.

Examine your goals to determine your priorities. Deconstruct these prioritized goals into actionable milestones and assign deadlines to each. Distribute tasks among your team members and enable them to accomplish each milestone; if you encounter challenges in this empowerment process, use it as a chance to pinpoint potential areas for development.

Motivating Your Team to Finish Strong

If your team’s motivation is waning as the year draws to a close, foster a culture of growth and optimism. Develop your personal growth mindset and maintain a positive demeanor. If the schedule permits, you can utilize team resources like coaching and workshops to enhance each team member’s goal-setting capabilities and promote individual growth mindsets.

Whatever way you motivate your team, make it a point to recognize and celebrate every milestone and success achieved, regardless of size.

Planning for the New Year

As you conclude the work year, take stock of the accomplishments and assess which year-end goals were met or missed. Use these outcomes as a jumping-off point for setting goals for the new year. Proactively equip your team with the necessary tools and resources to ensure a strong start in January. Consider having your team attend a goal-setting workshop or introducing a new goal-setting app to the team.

Implementing these strategies can significantly contribute to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and a goal-focused mindset, setting a positive tone that will carry through into the new year.

The Bottom Line

Resist the urge to coast through the last working days of the year and seize this crucial period to set goals (using the SMARTER goals framework), inspire your team, and lay the groundwork for 2024. You can make it happen with the right approach — including setting SMARTER goals, evaluating your progress, and celebrating every win.

Not sure your team has what it takes to end the year strong and start the next year stronger? Consider attending our Goals & Habits Workshop, taking place on Jan. 4.

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6 months ago

I like how you have an app that walks you through all the steps to SMART goals which put me having to think about that framework too much. I can keep my mental energy towards the goals!