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Wellness Trends You’ll Actually Want to Try in 2023

Our editors’ hand-picked health and wellness trends that will pave the way for 2023.
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There’s nothing better than kicking off a new year with healthy habits. Between new research and health and wellness innovators and trendsetters, there seem to be more options than ever for living a healthy lifestyle.

But not every trend comes from a groundbreaking study or “influencer.” We also hold onto tried-and-true wellness rituals because they provide us with incredible results.

Here, we’re bringing you 10 new and old wellness trends you can follow to make 2023 your healthiest year yet.

1. Sleep Tourism

Good sleep is paramount for overall health and well-being, and many people are willing to go the distance to support their sleep…literally.

Sleep tourism, a practice steadily on the rise since the start of the pandemic, involves traveling for the sole purpose of getting a good night’s rest. Many people who embark on such sleep stays are seeking a more restful, relaxing sleep environment than their sleep situation at home.

From hotels that offer luxury amenities and comfortable bedding to quiet and peaceful destination resorts, sleep tourism can be a great way for you to prioritize sleep and rejuvenation.

Don’t have the time or budget to book a fancy resort for some extra Zzzs? Licensed dietitian/nutritionist and Arootah consultant Alesia New recommends supporting your sleep habits from home by aiming “for seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night, including weekends. A good night’s sleep may your lower risk for chronic disease, decrease stress, increase focus, and improve your mood.”

2. Nootropic Beverages

Nootropic beverages are drinks created to improve cognitive function and overall brain health. These beverages contain a blend of ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and sometimes caffeine, designed to have a positive effect on the brain.

Many people find that nootropic beverages can help them to feel more alert and focused. Some nootropic ingredients may also have long-term benefits for brain health, such as protecting against age-related cognitive decline.

3. Virtual Reality Workouts

Sometimes a change of scenery can inspire a new healthy habit, which is why many people join a new gym or try a different workout at the start of the new year. However, with Virtual Reality Workouts, you don’t even have to leave your home to experience a new environment.

Virtual Reality Workouts, or VR workouts, are exercise programs that leverage VR technology to create immersive, interactive workout experiences. These workouts often involve wearing a VR headset and using handheld controllers to move and interact with virtual environments. VR workouts can be a useful tool for those who want to track their progress and monitor their performance over time.

4. Hojicha Tea

Hojicha tea is a type of Japanese green tea made from roasted green tea leaves and known for its nutty, toasty, slightly sweet flavor. In addition to its taste, Hojicha tea is also known for its health benefits; the tea supports hydration and digestion, contains antioxidants, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

When it comes to hydration, New reminds us, “The good old-fashioned way to stay hydrated is by drinking water.

But we’re still looking forward to filling our cups with this “trending” tea to battle the mid-day slump.

5. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Your lymphatic system is the network of tissues and organs that remove waste and toxins from your body. A lymphatic drainage massage is a type of massage therapy used to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid in the body.

Some people turn to lymphatic drainage massage to help reduce swelling and improve the appearance of cellulite. The massages also support relaxation and can make you feel energetic and refreshed after a treatment. (If this sounds appealing, read about other ways to boost your lymphatic system).

6. Prioritizing Mental Health

The new year is an excellent time for a reset and a chance to start the year on a healthy note. That includes improving your mental health and well-being.

“Every day and night brings more opportunities to increase stress and decrease the ability to move forward,” says New.

She recommends prioritizing these simple, yet tried-and-true strategies for protecting your mental health:

  • Practice good sleep hygiene (strive for getting at least seven hours a night)
  • Engage in a mindfulness practice, like meditation, breathwork, yoga, or tai-chi
  • Exercise regularly
  • Focus on healthy eating habits
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Set boundaries

7. Wellness Microdosing

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed trying to implement big changes in your health at once, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s normal to want “big” results, but the truth is, it’s hard to make major changes overnight.

Enter “wellness microdosing,” the practice of introducing subtle, but intentional changes to your habits over time that you can build upon. For example, you aren’t going to go from a sedentary lifestyle to a marathon runner’s lifestyle by January 2nd; but you can learn to take more 15-minute walks during the week, which can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

8. Traveling for Ayurvedic Wellness

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system of medicine in which practitioners focus on holistic health and wellness. They use natural remedies, diet, and lifestyle practices to maintain balance in the body and prevent disease.

Many people travel to destinations where Ayurvedic practices are prevalent to have a more holistic experience. These destinations often offer a range of Ayurvedic wellness programs and retreats that include elements such as massages, herbal remedies, yoga, and meditation.

Some popular destinations for Ayurvedic wellness travel include India, Thailand, and Bali. If you’re looking to take more drastic steps to improve your health this year, traveling for Ayurvedic wellness can be an opportunity to learn more about the practices and how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

9. Eye Yoga

Eye yoga is a form of physical therapy that involves performing simple eye movements and exercises to improve the health and function of the eyes. These exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles around the eyes, improve eye coordination and focus, and reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Eye yoga can be a useful tool for people who spend long hours in front of screens or have vision problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. Some common eye yoga exercises include palming, blinking, eye-rolling, and focusing on distant and near objects.

10. Hiring a Health Coach

Many people turn to health coaches for support to gain clarity on the goals that really matter to them — whether in fitness, nutrition, sleep, or life — and develop a specific and measurable plan to achieve those goals.

Importantly, a health coach can also serve as an accountability partner that keeps you moving forward toward your goals, explains New.

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