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9 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work Over the Summer (and Still Have Fun)

Maintain peak performance without sacrificing summer fun.
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In the midst of summer weather, parties, and vacations, maintaining unwavering motivation at work can be difficult. Yet, during this season, when you may crave relaxation and indulgence, it’s crucial that you remain resolute in pursuing your goals while avoiding distractions.

Below, we’re sharing nine ways to have fun this summer without sacrificing your goals and motivation.

1. Take Your PTO

Maintaining an unyielding discipline can lead to unsustainable practices, potentially resulting in the adoption of negative habits such as excessive drinking or smoking. It’s important to allow yourself some downtime and make use of your PTO.

To maximize the effectiveness of a shorter workweek, it’s crucial to optimize the days you are working. Establish clear plans to tackle your to-do list and maintain a laser focus on accomplishing each item. Keep in mind that thorough planning is a key contributor to enhanced performance.

2. Change Up Your Work Scenery

If you’re working from home, try moving your office outside to your backyard, a park, or a local coffee shop with outdoor seating.

Assign a specific task or project to each location to change it up even more. For example, plan to answer your emails at the coffee shop and work on a team project on your terrace; practice discipline by completing each task before moving on to the next location.

This change of space can also improve your creativity. Additionally, the movement between locations can help you combat feelings of lethargy you might ordinarily experience during long periods at your desk.

3. Have an Accountability Strategy

Consider partnering with a coach or selecting an accountability buddy to maintain your focus this summer. It’s essential to communicate your objectives transparently and explicitly. For instance, if your aim is to adhere to health goals but you struggle to resist unhealthy foods at backyard BBQs, your chosen support can help reinforce your “why.”

Moreover, the prospect of having to confess your failure to someone else can act as a powerful deterrent against straying from your goals.

4. Take Advantage of the Outdoors

Physical activity is an excellent method for boosting your energy. Engaging in exercise can enhance your energy levels by promoting better circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your body.

Consider cycling, jogging, swimming, or participating in an outdoor yoga session before starting your workday. Moving your exercise routine outdoors provides the added benefits of sunlight exposure and fresh air, offering a refreshing change from the confines of screen-focused environments.

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5. Treat Yourself

Implementing incentives to get things done can drive you toward success. Give yourself breaks in between major task completions. Take time off in the afternoon to eat mindfully during your lunch break. Reward yourself for a productive day with a rooftop dinner with friends, a healthy cookout, or a spa day.

If you deprive yourself of all the joy life has to offer, you won’t feel fulfilled. Self-care is productive, and by prioritizing your well-being, your performance at work will likely improve as well.

6. Prioritize Sleep

While it can be tempting to stay up late and go out this summer, it’s best to choose a reasonable bedtime and stick to it. This will allow you to wake up early and get the most out of the warm daylight hours, as well as optimize your productivity and focus.

If you’re consistently struggling with sleep, consider implementing a meditation practice before bedtime, creating a wind down routine, or working with a health coach.

7. Set Shorter Deadlines

Rather than dragging out deadlines all summer, practice mindful procrastination by setting shorter deadlines to help yourself avoid distractions and stay focused.

Hold yourself accountable for this practice by making a public declaration to teammates. You can reward yourself for completing tasks efficiently with a long weekend, beach day, or that upcoming European vacation. After all, think of how much more relaxed you’ll feel when you get everything done ahead of time.

8. Fuel Your Body

While you may be tempted to grab that hamburger or fries on the beach, it’s important to remember that food directly affects your cognitive performance.

Heavy, greasy food can make you feel sluggish, while water-dense food like fruit and vegetables can keep you alert and focused.

To avoid eating unhealthy food, plan your meals ahead of time. You can still enjoy summer foods while staying on track with your health goals, such as watermelon, smoothies, grilled veggie kebabs, or by hosting a healthy cookout.

Additionally, if you struggle with your diet, consider enlisting the help of a health coach this season to keep you on track.

9. Use AntiDistraction Technology

Technology doesn’t always have to be distracting. Use it to your advantage by researching apps to help you stay focused.

If you’re constantly getting distracted by your friends’ vacation posts while you’re trying to make progress on projects, implement techniques to combat digital distractions, such as putting your phone on airplane mode. You can reward yourself for staying focused after the workday by scrolling through social media.

Distraction is the enemy of focus, and it’s everywhere at all times. Use whatever tools are available to inhibit these distractions and remain on track with your goals.

The Bottom Line

While the temptations of summer fun can make it challenging to maintain unwavering motivation and peak performance at work, you can achieve your goals and still savor the season’s joys by embracing some practical strategies.

If you’re looking for additional support in achieving work-life harmony and maintaining motivation this summer, an Arootah Coach can help. Book a complimentary results coaching call to get started.

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