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Blog > Approach the Summer of Quitting with Success

Approach the Summer of Quitting with Success

Post-COVID, it's the "summer of quitting." People are redefining work-life balance for what's important. But before you quit, read this.
Approach the Summer of Quitting with Success

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Post-COVID, it’s the “summer of quitting.” People are redefining work-life balance for what’s important. But before you quit, read this.

In the post-COVID era, you have probably noticed that everything is changing. The pandemic gave rise to new perspectives and attitudes towards the future. For many, priorities became more about happiness and self-care and less about work. The universal drive for something more than a paycheck has lead to more people taking risks and leaps of faith. That is why this summer has been referred to as the “summer of quitting,” meaning quitting jobs. The reason for the summer of quitting is not about giving up. It’s about knowing that you have skills, patience, energy, and connections that allow you to discover your best future self.

It’s tempting to live your life by impulse. But the truth is, sometimes it’s just not possible to do what you want to do without a strategy. Before you jump on the bandwagon, we suggest looking at your situation a little more closely. It may be tempting to quit your job without a new one, but that can be a challenging and risky decision. While a job that does not ignite passion from within could lead to burnout and disengagement, your work can coexist with happiness.

Before you make a drastic change, think about these six considerations to help you make the most informed decision on quitting your job:

1. Reflect on what is missing in your life

If you have decided to quit your job (or change careers), it’s time to reflect on what is going wrong and how you can fix it. The mistake most people make is to quit with the idea that it will solve all their problems. Quitting never solves all your problems. But reflecting on your issues and learning from them can help motivate you to find other ways to move forward. Discover the gap between where you are and where you would like to be in the future.

Even if you have a new shiny offer on the table for a new job (congrats!), give serious thought as to why you are making this move in your career. Be honest with yourself. It is easy to blame dissatisfaction on external sources, but we are all responsible for the state of our minds at the end of the day.

2. Rediscover your passions

Rediscovering your passions can help you make the best decision possible during your next job search. When you want to make a big career move, it’s tempting to jump right in and start interviewing for a new position. Finding the root of why you want a career change takes contemplation and introspection. It requires patience, but the benefits of self-awareness are worth the time invested. As you discover who you are, your path ahead becomes more evident. Take this time to evaluate your life and note the areas in which you feel something is missing. You do not want to live with any regrets. Before impulsively pivoting your career, take time to reflect. Think the next steps through before making any decisions and weigh the options to identify the ideal path forward.

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3. Recognize how marketable you are

Gain a complete understanding of your options. Learn about what opportunities are available to you. Contrast the job market against your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Weigh your options based on what values you deem important. Take on this challenge with some strategy and mentoring from a career expert! Work with a professional coach to determine where you would like to see yourself. It is helpful to bounce ideas off of someone outside of your family or friends who will give you honest advice and feedback. A coach can help you assess gaps in your skillset, bring light to potential careers that align with your talent and passions, and offer strategic advice on moving forward in your current position. If you are looking for an experienced career coach, check out our coaching page!

4. Make a plan to prevent burnout

If you typically like your job, but it has been feeling overwhelming to the point of exhaustion lately, perhaps a lightened workload is all you need. Burnout at work is something that happens all too often. When you spread yourself too thin, you create a high demand on yourself that is unsustainable. Instead of making the drastic decision to walk out of a job, alternative options are available to bring balance back. A life coach helps to create synergy within your life and encourages you to adjust your routine to incorporate activities that elevate your health and well-being. No matter what your career is, it is always important to take time for yourself. Speak up when you have too much on your plate. Learn to say no, or try saying yes with conditions (i.e., “Yes, but I will need more time”). Remember, it is okay to ask for help. It is up to you to set boundaries and protect your energy.

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5. Be realisti

Life is unpredictable and at times, you may even feel like you have no control over what comes next. Something in life that is a guarantee is your bills. While happiness is a high consideration, you still have bills to pay. Make sure to consider dependants and monthly expenses. When it comes to exploring options, remember that quitting your job may not be the best choice, especially if you are unsure about future career prospects. If you aren’t sure if the new offer is better or how well it will fit your lifestyle or career goals, it’s better to hold off. You want to pivot with no regrets. Transitioning into a new career or dream job is a journey of its own and shouldn’t be rushed.

6. Look on the bright side

Rather than being pessimistic about what you don’t like about your job, look at what you do enjoy. Identify the components that satisfy you or that you have a natural talent for doing. By focusing on the positive side, you actively create an image of what an ideal job may look like for you. You might even realize how much you like what you do and can communicate the areas where you would like to see improvements rather than quitting. After evaluating your current situation, you may have requests to present to your supervisor about pay increase or reduced responsibility. Whatever you are feeling, have the confidence to express it fully.

The bottom line

While a job that does not ignite passion from within could lead to burnout and disengagement, your work can coexist with happiness.

The reason for the summer of quitting is not about giving up but making incremental improvements. It is about empowering yourself to achieve things you have always dreamt of and stop settling for less. It gives hope to the possibility of a brighter future. Before jumping to any conclusions about changing your career, write down your goals. Find the gaps between where you are and where you would like to be. Prioritize your responsibilities and refocus your time and energy to achieve your objectives. The secret to fulfillment is finding a balance between what you want and what you need.

Are you considering quitting your job this summer? Tell us what needs to change and what you are looking to improve in the comments below!


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2 years ago

I need to feel more excited about work! I am jealous of my friends with new and exciting jobs.

2 years ago

Great points to consider not just for this summer but for whenever you are considering a career change!