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What You Can Learn from JLo’s Discipline

Discover how Jennifer Lopez defies limitations—and continuously levels up
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She embodies beauty, grace, and agelessness. What is her secret? Jennifer Lopez (JLo) practices continuous and consistent discipline to look and feel her best, inside and out.

JLo’s attention to taking care of herself seems to increase alongside her trajectory of success. This glowing superstar has had a series of professional stints in music, film, and business, and she continues to push herself to the next level. But how does she do it? It is fair to say that her commitment to discipline has moved her to where she is now and is why she continues to find success. JLo practices a strong relationship with herself.

To see the results she aims for, JLo implements a disciplined routine regarding sleep, exercise, skincare, and diet. To begin the day, JLo wakes up every morning at 6 AM. She rarely skips her intense morning workouts and has a personal trainer to hold her accountable. When she doesn’t feel like working out, she tells herself, “it’s only an hour,” and does it anyway, despite how she feels. Her diet is also strict, consisting of only organic low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods. She prioritizes high-quality proteins and vegetables and doesn’t eat any sugar. When she craves sweets, she opts for sugar-free alternatives. JLo energizes herself throughout the day by drinking plenty of water and doesn’t have any coffee or alcohol. She balances her day by making time for friends and family, even with her busy schedule. She ends her day with a perfected skincare routine and prioritizes sleep no matter what, getting a minimum of 8 hours a night.

JLo has a practice of setting rules and standards for herself, and from there, she continues to follow through. There is a reason she looks and behaves the way she does, and it’s because of her strong sense of self-discipline. She understands that being regimented in the activities that make her feel great allows her to flow towards her goals.


What is Discipline?

Simply put, discipline is a set of regulations and boundaries one sets for oneself to live efficiently and effectively. Discipline creates habits, habits form routines, and routines become who you are daily. The formula to achieve goals, improve yourself, and improve your life requires a practice of discipline.

As hard as it might be to commit to, realistic discipline makes us feel good about ourselves, our lives, and paves the way to realizing our highest goals and achievements.


Discipline is a Choice, Then a Practice 

Some have said that waking up and getting out of bed when your alarm goes off is one of the highest forms of self-discipline. It’s almost too easy to hit snooze, talk yourself out of an early rise and quietly mumble to yourself, ‘I’ll do it later.’ It takes discipline to get out of bed early, but that sets the tone for the patterned actions you will have throughout the day.

So how do you get to that point? First, you decide if self-discipline is worth your time. It is. Then, you keep practicing and consistently showing up. Choosing to be disciplined is the first step. Even when it seems challenging, it is crucial to remember that discipline gives you power and control over your life. Discipline behaves like a muscle; when it grows stronger, you will be less likely to give in to temptations.

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There will be many times in life when you won’t want to do something and will want to give in. Fortunately, the mind is powerful enough that we can talk it into anything, which is why it is imperative to choose your words carefully. You can borrow JLo’s affirmation until you find one of your own: “I am youthful and timeless at any age.” Safe to say, it seems to be working!


If You Want More Freedom

Cultivate discipline. Have you heard the saying, “discipline creates freedom”? These terms sound as if they live on opposite ends of the spectrum, but they go hand in hand. If you want financial freedom, you need to be financially disciplined. If you want freedom from being sick, you need to be disciplined in your healthcare regimen. If you want more free time, you need to be disciplined in your time management. Discipline creates freedom that is beneficial to every aspect of life.


How to Cultivate Discipline

Discipline starts by deciding what you want and what motivates you. Once you know what you want, you can break down the steps to reach your goals. From there, it is vital to assess anything that might distract you, which will take a great deal of honesty and grit.

Start each day by familiarizing yourself with your daily, weekly, and monthly goals and plans. What you do every day is part of the process. Each day is an opportunity to improve your life because daily accomplishments lead to long-term achievements.



In some ways, discipline is just a commitment to your goals. Without it, you may end up feeling directionless, unmotivated, and unaccomplished. Discipline keeps us healthy, emotionally stable, reliable, and accountable. The single most essential attribute to achieving your goals is self-discipline. Discipline will help you stay focused on your process and help you overcome obstacles and discomfort as you push yourself to new heights.



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3 years ago

Her strong sense of discipline really shows! Very inspirational!

Jess M
Jess M
3 years ago

I got to up my discipline game. I want to look and feel that good when I’m in my 50s